Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Filming ends October

Despite earlier reports, Transformers 3 producer Don Murphy stated that Transformers 3 filming is scheduled to end in 6 weeks time.

"6 weeks shooting left on Transformers 3"

They are still planning to film scene`s including at Brevard County and the Kennedy Space Center, Including some in Washington; D.C at the National Mall, near the monuments, outside the American Red Cross National Headquarters and outside DAR Constitution Hall, located just across from the Ellipse. At the moment it seems filming will be completed by the end of the year at the latest.

Unfortunately Don Murphy may be shutting down his Website as he is appalled by certain people on the boards and their attitude, even so far as to call them ferret`s.

"I'll be taking a web break from here till the end of the month. At that point some of the events listed will be finished or close to finished"

"I'll come back then and take a look at the place and see if people are human or ferret. If ferret we can tear it down and start over"

Simmons is rich!

Agent Seymour Simmons, played by John Turturro, is set to return in Transformers 3. But something has changed. This former washed up Sector Seven exucitive is now rolling in cash as he is seen in the back of a Maybach 62S Landaulet.

He is seen with a guy carring a breifcase. Could it be that Simmons has been working on some kind of prototype reverse enginered Power glove for the military? ;)

TFW2005 have put forth the theory that Simmons has become rich by writing books (one assumes based on his Sector 7 experiences or his meetings with the Transformers) which is similar to how Riley Poole got rich in the National Treasure film series.

Either way one thing is certain, Simmons is back, and he is rich.

Video 1

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Video 3

Zeta Prime and Dead End?

A new trailer for the Downloable content update for Transformers; War For Cybertron has been released. This reveals that the new charecters are none other than Zeta Prime (Autobots) and Dead End (Decepticons) Check out the trailer above.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Truck Stunt

A new video has appeared online showing a Transformers 3 stunt involving a blue truck barrowling down a highway and hitting several cars. Likely this is a Decepticon. The blue colour on the truck is used for the CGI work later. Does this mean we can expect a Transforming highway battle similar to Transformers (2007) or is this not even a truck atall, but in place of a Cybertronian vehicle perhaps.

Guesses currently range from the servant of Unicron; Nemesis Prime, to the Stunticon; Motormaster.

New Look Twins?

“The Twins are not back in TF3.” Were the words of the director Michael Bay shortly following the reviews which stated the charecters were racial stereotypes.

However now it seems they are back after two Chevrolet Sparks had been spotted on the set of TF3. Although Bay denies the exsistance of the Twins in Transformers 3. The image of these two vehicles seems to say differently.

The small beat-up yellow car is the Datsun PL150, which has been rumored to be Sam`s new ride which has been rumored to be Bumblebee`s alt mode for a small time during when Sam goes to get a job.

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 13

The 13th and final of my currently completed section of my Transformers 3 Adaption. Future scene`s will be uploaded when completed.

Scene 13:
High above New York Megatron continued his dog fight with Starscream. A battle had unfolded instantly between the two leaders. Tension had been high between them for many centuries but now it was unleashed.

Starscream transformed and flipped in the air firing with his rockets. Megatron casually dodged them and attacked again smashing Starscream into the hotel. Panicked civilians ran for cover as Starscream lifted himself up and sliced out with a clawed hand. “You are a fool Starscream, you will never lead the Decepticons” Megatron growled. “Is that so?” Starscream laughed.

“Decepticons now is the time, attack!” Megatron screamed out as Starscream stabbed him with a steel pole.

At once there was screaming as portals began appearing all over the streets. Megatron laughed manically as his minions poured out of them. Protoforms flooded the streets. There were hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions. There were flyers as well soaring up high. “Is that all you have?” Starscreamed asked. The sky grew dark as Starscreams army began its attack. The battle began a fierce mess of death and fire.

Ironhide lunged to his right and fired at Shockwave who took the hit and fired with his own blaster. The two moved round each other like wrestlers taunting each other before a fight. Shockwave lunged forward. Ironhide grabbed him and swung him round throwing him towards the rest of Megatrons troops.

Shockwaves body crushed several protoforms. Above him the helicopter robot jumped grabbing onto a wall. Its hand decorated with its name “Tailwhip” Tailwhip jumped down landing next to Ironhide. The two had fought in combat before side by side at the fall of the spear. They had won that battle they were going to win this.

Soundwave charged his energy. His hands buzzed an electric blue as his sliced forward cutting into Bumblebee`s armour piercing his spark. Bumblebee collapsed to the ground, energon leaking from his chest as his body began the long process of repairs and Shockwave moved for the killing blow.

Sam was already on the fifth floor. Laserbeak stirred from his immobile state on near the window he had crashed through. His wings bent limply and his eyes smouldered. Inside his vast network of cables and wires that controlled his optics tiny little machines set about repairing his optical sensors.

Barricade stirred slightly. His body was sparking surging with electricity. He screamed and the windows around him shivered and exploded away from him. He stood up still angry with his defeat. He spotted the human he had seen before, Mikela. He growled angrily and leapt forwards like some kind of robotic dog, hands clawing at the ground forcing him forwards.

Mikela was ready for this swinging the metal pole slamming into barricades chest. Cables tore, wires sparked as Mikela pulled the pole twisting it round. It tugged at the ancient robots insides ripping his spark in two.

Barricades eyes slowly grew darker as his other hand moved round in a stabbing motion towards her chest, a blade slowly moving out from it. As his last bit of Energon trickled from his system, Barricade smiled as the human in front of him collapsed and lay in a pool of red.

Through the streets and cities Megatron`s forced attacked Starscream`s in an epic battle in order to defeat the Autobots and each other. Chaos reigned through the streets. Protoform soldiers transformed into their comet like entry modes destroying many buildings. Civilians running beneath soon found themselves cut off and at the mercy of the Decepticons.

Tailwhip moved forward intercepting Shockwave with a blast of air followed by his fist knocking the large robot backwards. Ironhide was ready for this. He wanted to get revenge for Bumblebee. He raised his arms and fired his twin cannons. The force of the explosion tore through Shockwaves body tearing at him his spark immediately shown for a brief second. Then he disappeared using the power of Megatrons teleporting device.

A huge portal appeared above the centre of New York. Around Ironhide the remaining humans fell to their knees as if hell itself was about to descend into the streets of New York. As Devastators large colossal body faded into view Ironhide reloaded his weapons. Tailwhip nodded in agreement and glared upwards at the gigantic robot he was about to battle.

The ground shook beneath Devastator as he walked. Small tremors made several buildings shake. Beneath Devastator were the remains of several of Starscreams troops who Devastator had crushed beneath him when he materialised. The gas that had brought him back flowed slightly through him. It was this holding him together Ironhide realised. It would take more than just dismembering a limb to bring this Decepticon down this time.

Sam collapsed on the stairs as the tremor hit the building he couldn’t see outside the windows the sky was still dark with Protoform soldiers battling each other. Behind him he heard a noise and instinctively turned around coming face to face with Laserbeak. His optics had not fully repaired yet he was still dangerous. The bird like transformer squawked loudly sounding more like a metallic car alarm than anything bird like. Sam picked himself up and ran up the stairs faster as Laserbeak shot forward like a rocket missing Sam completely and smashing through the stairs.

Megatron pulled the pole from his chest spinning it round into Starscream he had had enough of Starscream his disobedience was matched only by his stupidity. “Devastator attack” Megatron growled loudly. Devastator obeyed moving forward pushing over or crushing many surrounding buildings. A Megatron loyalist screamed slightly as Devastator turned him into mush under the immense weight of the colossus.

Starscream flew up slightly pulling the pole away and spinning it round deflecting two missiles sent from Devastators missile launchers of his back. The third hit him in the chest. Megatron signalled and Devastator raised his right arm firing long cables at Starscream which caught him tightly even as he struggled pulling him and stretching him on the top of Devastators right arm.
Megatron jumped down eagerly landing on Starscreams legs crushing one. Starscream was held stiff by several hooks his eyes were frantic. Megatron glared menacingly as his right arm began to shift into a plasma cannon. “Fun`s over Starscream” Starscreams horrified face suddenly became rigid. Megatron turned slightly.

The blast took him by surprising sending him smashing into Devastators other arm. Megatron turned scowling. Starscream looked thankfully up at his unlikely savoir, Ultra Magnus. “Give up now Megatron while I still have the will to let you live” Ultra Magnus said landing slowly on Starscreams chest crushing him even more against Devastator.

Above them the N.E.S.T. plane which had brought them there realised the rest of its cargo. “Not this dude again” Skids said annoyingly as he hovered down the parachute lowering him head first. “Get a grip yawl” Mudflap said slapping his brother in mid air. His arm missed cutting his brothers parachute. Skids fell quickly grabbing onto his brothers foot. The twins sped rapidly to the ground crashing into an empty school bus.

Wheelie scurried along the ground his wheeled feet causing him much difficulty as he climbed through the wreckage of the New York street. Around him Deception’s seemed to be fighting everything around them. The fight between Megatron and Starscream loyalists was coming to an end. Both sides now seemed to be fighting the human forces. Fires burnt their way through the streets any remaining humans left in the Decepticons path were dealt with quickly.

Sam stumbled upwards slowing to watch the helpless Decepticon Laserbeak struggle in the wreck. Noticing a fire extinguisher Sam quickly dealt with the Decepticon, first spraying it with foam then severing its head and wing with several blows to the joints. He grabbed Laserbeak`s severed wing and continued onwards.

For the briefest of seconds the world around Sam became utterly quiet time began to slow. He tripped on the stairs falling backwards landing on top of Laserbeaks motionless body. His mind raced with the thoughts of another. Not another human, instead something alien, dark and silent drifting through space. Sam didn’t notice as the two Cybertronian jets flew past or as the three new larger protoforms crashed into the ground outside the skyscraper and began joining together to form the Decepticon known as Bruticus.

Outside Devastator noticed the presence of this new colossus immediately and turned his head firing his rockets and weapons at this new robotic giant. The shock of the appearance of this new Decepticon had took Ultra Magnus ofgaurd and Starscream immediately used this to his advantage slicing through the hooks that kept him attached to Devastators arm. Starscream kicked out with his feet slicing into Ultra Magnus`s chest sending the Autobot leader flying backwards.

Ultra Magnus turned in mid air spinning round and grabbing onto one of Devastators severed grappling hooks. Megatron lunged forward slamming into Starscream and distracting him long enough for Ultra Magnus to pull himself up. Megatron lashed out in all directions. Starscream took advantage of this adjusting his right arm into a Null-ray. Starscream smiled at the result as it temporarily paralysed Megatron. Or so it seemed.

Megatron pushed off from the ground immediately his jets kicked into action and he grabbed Starscream by the throat. The two Decepticon leaders battled once again in the sky. Beneath Ultra Magnus found himself under siege from both Devastator and his fellow Autobots as Ironhides cannon blasts slammed into Devastator sending fragments of him flying down beneath.

Wheelie dodged this flying debris with a relative ease as he hurtled faster towards the human called Mikela. He didn’t know if she was hurt or not be he would protect her forever. She had been the one who had helped him even through the pain of losing an eye. In memory of this he gently lifted a clawed hand and tapped his eye.

Bruticus made the first attack hitting into Devastator sending the giant gestalt backwards. Devastators grindor vortex was little effect against this new combiner. Bruticus spun round slicing at Devastator severing his arm.

Ultra Magnus held tight to the grappling hook as Devastators right arm collapsed falling to the ground. Tailwhip flew above the carnage surveying the scene. There was no way to stop these two gestalts that he was certain of. This was a fight with only one outcome, the complete destruction of one of these robots.

Devastator fell forwards unable to support his weight with only three working limbs. He crashed into Bruticus the combined weight of the two Decepticons sending them both falling towards the Sky Scraper. Inside the Sky Scraper Sam lifted himself up. He understood now. Everything was falling into place, His visions the reason why he seemed to be connected with the history of the Autobots and Decepticons, the strange dreams he had had.

Sam turned slowly his smile fading as Bruticus`s large body fell smashing into the glass of the Sky scraper. A perfect cut through the roof of the building.

Below them Soundwave clasped his hands again releasing another sonic blast hitting Bumblebee in the chest. Bumblebee collapsed backwards seemingly giving up as he watched the Sky Scraper his only companion Sam witwicky was in slowly start to collapse.

Wheelie staggered forwards collapsing down next to Mikela. Her body was limp. Blood surrounded what was in theory a complete body. He leaned forward listening to her chest. No heartbeat. He collapsed down next to her. He had promised to look after her. Now she was dead.

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 12

The plot tightens in my Adaption.

Scene 12
“That was risky” Shockwave said as he moved his hands above Megatron. Beneath his hands sound pulsed and the body of Megatron shifted as it repaired itself. Soundwave lifted the matrix from a metallic slab and began to move towards a large metallic object coming at a slant out of one of the supporting pillars. A voice stopped him. “This is my job, Soundwave” Soundwave bowed down even without turning he could feel Megatrons presence.

“I was only waiting for you my liege” Soundwave said as Megatron rose from the table. He moved forwards his body still repairing from the battle with Optimus. Soundwave passed him the matrix. Megatron walked forwards “Even you Prime couldn’t stop me” He laughed maniacally as he slammed the matrix into the metal.

Around him millions of Decepticon protoforms rose from there slumber for the first time in thousands of years. They clawed and sliced at their pods. Some managed to release themselves. They were hovering in the air and crawling on the ground. Megatron smiled. The Fallen`s army was awake!

Soundwave turned to a monitor and began to hack into the satellite network. An image of Sam Witwicky fuzzed into view. A direct transmission from Soundwave`s minion, Laserbeak. “Megatron what should we do about the boy” Megatron turned and glared at him. “What indeed” Megatron said as his left arm shifted into a large plasma cannon and buzzed with power.

Nick Coopers pressed his boot down on the accelerator. They sped off. The lights slowly flashed but no siren. He needed to be quiet on this case. They turned a bend and moved onwards. He swore as he came to stop at some traffic lights. No direct emergency. No need to break the law. The lights changed to green and the traffic moved forwards. He changed lanes and overtook a slow moving pedestrian vehicle.

He pulled up at the bank and quickly exited the car. He ran forwards and grabbed the youth who was already pocketing money from a woman’s handbag. The thief struggled but Nick overpowered him forcing him to the ground. He handcuffed the kid and quickly returned to his car. He pulled the radio and spoke swiftly into it. At that moment he felt himself being pulled as his car moved forwards shifting into a fast gear and speeding off. Nick kicked the ground as his car sped off into the night the radio still in his hand.

Inside the car a mysterious man wearing a moustache tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as the car sped onwards. Suddenly there was a loud bang as the top of the car was penetrated by a round of bullet fire. The gun shots went straight through the top of the car impaling themselves in the driver’s seat. The driver fizzed as his image disappeared.

Suddenly there was a screech of tires as Prowl jumped from the side of a building slamming into the ground. He transformers and went speeding off after Barricade. They turned a sharp bend and Barricade transformed. He pulled his hand and it became a spiked ball mace. He swung it. Prowl transformed and dodged the attack seconds before the mace sliced through the concrete.

Barricade transformed again and sped off. “You can drive Decepticon but you can’t hide!” Prowl said as he shot forwards. With his motorcycle alt mode Prowl easily navigated through the city as Barricade shot forwards. Barricade turned and transformed jumping over a police car. Inside the officer dropped his lunch as Prowl also sailed over above him.

Barricade transformed again and landed on the path he slid round catching the end of a street light. Panicked civilians darted around as the light began to fall. Prowl transformed and slid in catching the Street light and throwing out of the way. He didn’t have time to help the humans. More would be injured if he couldn’t stop Barricade.

Prowl transformed into vehicle mode and continued. He came to a T junction and turned left. The city was bustling. It was a surprise to Prowl. For day dwellers these Humans certainly enjoyed going out at night. He spotted Barricade climbing a building. He quickly drove forward and transformed sending him flying up towards him. Barricade jumped over to the top of the roof and swung with his clawed hands.

The blow hit Prowl in the chest sending him slamming onto the roof. He lifted himself up and counteracted with a sharp kick that punctured Barricades chest. “You can’t run from justice, Decepticon” Prowl said as he attacked with a series of punches. Barricade deflected them. “Too late Autobot!” Barricade said.

His clawed hand reached behind him as he revealed a small round device. He threw it to the ground. A huge explosion ripped through the building. The whole place shook as a red light surrounded Barricade. He looked up as he transmitted a series of codes.

The codes flew across space smashing through the barriers between dimensions and awakened the dark creature that lurked within the other dimension. Once it had been trapped there but now it was awake and it is hungry.

Prowl watched as the red light dissipated as Barricade jumped off the building and disappeared. Prowl looked around him. The carnage from Barricades device has made the buildings weak. Below him cars were overturned. A small fire raged in a local store. He jumped down and began to clear some of the debris.

“Damn robots” A man said as he lobbed a stone at Prowl. “We don’t want any of your kind here” Another guy said clambering out of a car window. “Yeah go back to your own planet” A woman said from a doorway. The crowd continued to gather there were now twenty humans crowded around him. “Please you need to understand” Prowl said. “Oh just shut it?” Another woman said.

A news chopper flew overhead. That was another thing he had done wrong. Now not only did he fail to capture Barricade but he managed to end up on the news. A searchlight flickered over him and he then disappeared into the night.

In the headquarters of N.E.S.T. Leo sat at a desk. Around him was a bank of computers. Each streaming live reports of news events. In this room he could monitor every piece of the news and immediately stop the broadcast or hijack the signal. Leo lent back in the dark blue swivel chair. He picked out a Jelly baby from a small bag and deposited it in his mouth.

He gazed at the room he was in. The walls were covered in monitors all except for two walls. One with a window with a view he was sure was faked and the other wall covered with images of any models Leo might have liked once upon a time.

Suddenly an alarm sounded. Leo jolted up. The packet of jelly babies fell to the floor. He picked up the phone next to him and dialled. “Autobots we have a problem” he said. On the TV monitors a dark haired female report was showing footage from a news helicopter. The video showed Prowl surrounded by wreckage. Many other reports filled the screens. All said the same message “This is our world, not your War!”

Sam unlocked the door and walked inside his and Mikela`s shared house. Mikela wasn’t around so he collapsed on the sofa. He couldn’t believe this. Optimus Prime was injured and now the new leader wanted him gone. The doorbell rang and he rolled onto the floor then stood up and went to the door. He unlocked the door. Mikela was there. She hugged him briefly then moved into the sitting room as someone else came in behind her.

He was wearing black jeans and a dark hooded sweatshirt that was obviously too small for him. The words “Too awesome for words” were written on the front. He walked to Sam and nodded solemnly. Sam looked at him. With his outfit and strange posture Sam almost mistook him for being a random person from the street. However upon closer inspection he discovered the true identity even as he removed his hood. It was agent Simmons.

He walked up to Sam and put his arms around him. Sam wriggled out of his grip. “I don’t need your condolences” Sam turned away. “Consolidating you is not my best act for sure but I bring news from Ultra Magnus” He rolled his eyes at the mention of the name. “From now on you are not allowed near any of the Autobots!”

Sam turned back. “No, it can’t be” Suddenly his eyes glazed over becoming hazy and misty. He struggled to stay upright. He collapsed slamming into Simmons who only just managed to catch him before he too was thrown to the floor. Simmons had already turned Sam over by the time Mikela got into the room and was already checking his pulse.

There was nothing, a black expanse stretching out for miles and miles in every direction. Every once and again he would float to another location however the same blackness remained surrounding him. Sam stretched out an arm to try to slow him or to feel if anything was around him. He leaned forwards too much and did a summersault before he continued.

His world spun around him. Shapes and colours formed out of the darkness. He was in a city. Around him were towers and other large structures. He felt himself get heavier as he came to rest in a lounge containing several computers and a coffee machine. He picked himself up. Around him life was running as normal. A man in a smart tie held the door open for a woman carrying some tea.

He ran up to them. The man closed the door. Sam couldn’t stop himself and braced himself. He slid straight through the wall. It was instantaneous. No breaks no stops. He spotted a lift and went in. There were three others who went in with him. One male worker and two female co-workers. He smiled slightly and was annoyed when none of them responded. He waved at one of them. The man lent forward to press the button and Sam`s hand slid into his face. He pulled his hand out and moved into the corner.

The lift doors closed and they began to go down. They reached the bottom in a few seconds. He quickly exited without waiting for the doors to open. He slid through a filing cabinet and through a pair of double doors and found himself on the street. He turned back. It was a skyscraper. It was higher than the surrounding buildings. The only building that was close to its height was a hotel opposite it. Even that though was dwarfed by the sheer scale of the building.

Sam turned back and continued walking. The ground in front of him exploded sending him flying backwards. He slammed against the front of a parked car and slid down the front. He bit his lip and winced at the pain. Blood trickled slowly from his grazed arm. He ran back inside the building as concrete fell from above him. A car flipped behind him flying high into the air. It exploded showering deadly metal spikes around him.

He ran forward and dodged a car. It spun passed him and flipped slamming into the side of an oncoming truck. Fire engulfed the two vehicles as they slid along the ground back towards Sam. He made it through the doors and quickly ran for the stairs. The woman at the counter was nowhere to be seen. He quickly got to the stairs and began to climb. There was a huge crash behind him as the truck broke through the front of the skyscraper.

The stairs below him began to catch fire as the fire spread up the lower levels. He dodged several men in business suits as they rushed past him with a fire extinguisher. He ran up stairs and continued upwards. He reached the top quickly. He managed to slide through several passages and lifts with ease.

The top of the skyscraper was a large expanse of solid concrete. The door opened outwards and he had to push it twice to unlatch the chain. It came undone and fell to the floor. He pushed the door open and looked out. He stumbled backwards at the sight of what was around him.

The building was still there but it`s surroundings were covered in a thick veil of darkness. He moved onwards. A huge weight slammed into the side of the skyscraper. He felt the world falling around him. He couldn’t hear anything. Screaming and shouting and panic had blotted out all his other thoughts. He felt himself sliding forwards and started to run upwards he slipped grabbing onto an exposed piece of pipe.

The pipe broke and Sam swore as the building collapsed. He felt himself falling faster and faster. He hit the side of the building and bounced off. Pain rippled through his body. He was looking down. The earth was rushing faster towards him.
The world around him spun again. Images flashed before his eyes. A sign saying “New York City” flew by him. Bumblebee spun round and slammed into a pole, clouds of dust blotted the sky. His mind raced. More images shot around him. A screaming child, Flames, Explosions and rippling concrete.

He opened his eyes. Simmons was giving him the kiss of life. He pushed Simmons away and stood up walking towards the door. He grabbed his coat and was out in seconds. Mikela quickly followed. Simmons wiped his mouth and swore. He lifted himself up and strode out the door.

It was late in the morning. It was that time of day when everything seemed to be quiet yet everything was moving. The cars were silently crawling along at the usual New York pace. New York City was a bustling one indeed. A group of business men were moving along passing papers to each other. Sam had to slide out the way of a busload of tourists.

He, Mikela and Simmons had visited Bumblebee just 8 hours earlier. Simmons had suggested that they meet with Ultra Magnus but Sam wasn’t in the mood for another argument. He had managed to get a flight thanks to Simmons’s connections however Bumblebee was still behind him, trying to find an escape from the traffic jams that covered the normally quiet roads.

He hadn’t tried to explain his vision to any of them. He didn’t truly believe it himself. It was mainly a feeling he had. Some burning power inside him. He needed to get to that skyscraper. Something huge was going to happen here and that skyscraper was the key. The centre of the whole thing.

The chamber was a large semi circular room. The roof was made of soil segmented by metal columns. Inside the chamber Prime gazed up stuck in an eternal gaze until the matrix had regenerated enough to support him. Inside his mind lights swirled in a world of blackness. Suddenly his world shook. Everything in his mind changed he was somewhere else. He was surrounded by mud. Dark brown puddles of water. Fallen bodies of both comrades and enemies lay around him. He couldn’t tell which were which. His mind swirled again and his life signs rose then faded again as he returned to a static state.

Sam met up with Bumblebee a few minutes later. Mikela was sitting in the driver’s seat. Simmons was hiding in the back seat afraid he might be noticed by someone. Sam went to get in the passenger seat. Wheelie jumped up and growled. Sam backed off and went to the back and got in. Before Sam could ask why Wheelie was here Bumblebee replied with a quick burst of Beetles “Have a little help from my friends”

A siren wailed behind them. Sam turned round in his seat staring out behind them as Barricade moved forward. Humans moved to the side as Barricade rolled forward. He transformed quickly behind a Taxi sending it flipping into the air. “Drive” Sam and Simmons yelled. Bumblebee sped forwards the traffic in front of them skidding to each of the sides to escape the Decepticon.

Barricade ran faster jumping over a skidding Blue Chevrolet Volt which spun round transforming into the Autobot, Jolt. Jolt lashed upwards with his hands a spinning wire caught Barricade and he spun in a blue electric light crashing down to the ground.

An all out war began to unfold in the city. As Jolt battled Barricade many other Autobot revealed themselves to help. A Channel 4 news helicopter spun through the air and grabbed onto a building to battle a group of 3 transforming Decepticon traffic lights. Sam saw the Skyscraper and pointed out to it as Mikela swiftly manoeuvred Bumblebee through the traffic.

Suddenly the space in front of them swirled into a black vortex as Megatron walked out fully powered with Soundwave and Shockwave at his side. “Decepticons Mobilize” Soundwave said. Bumblebee swerved. Leo and Simmons were screaming both clutching each other as Soundwave let loose with a Sonic EMP Blast. The ground in front of him rippled. Clumps of dust and metal swirled in a deadly spinning circular blast towards them.

Get out Mikela screamed as the occupants of Bumblebee jumped out. Bumblebee quickly transformed as Sam hit the ground. Bumblebee leant forwards using his body as a shield against the flying metal. He staggered a little then shrugged off the metal on him. His visor flipped down. He was ready for a fight.

Sam, Leo, Simmons, Mikela and Wheelie lifted themselves up. Bumblebee had taken the offensive against Soundwave. Behind them Jolt was still battling Barricade along with a group of smaller Frenzy like drones. Simmons and Leo ran over to a nearby telephone and Simmons started to dial. It was dead, along with everything else Human in the vicinity that used electricity in the city.

He and Leo ran back to Sam and Mikela. “It`s no use there all dead. We need to get help you and Sam go to the skyscraper maybe this dream of yours is just a thing but I don’t know” He shrugged and looked around. A loud explosion rippled his hair as a car exploded in the air. Wheelie got up “On it boss dude, Come on warrior princess” He got up grabbing Mikela`s hand and pulling hard. She nodded. Sam began running.

Bumblebee flipped over Soundwave as he unleashed several sonic blasts from his hands. He skidded round in the air and lashed out with his fist slamming onto Soundwaves neck. He grasped hold of him. His legs grabbing round Soundwaves chest.
His hands reached forwards grabbing at Soundwaves visor ripping out his right optic in the process and scarring his face. “Laserbeak operation retrieval” he screeched.

Laserbeak swooped down from above his wings spread out cutting into the glass and bricks of the building sending showers of debris onto the people below. He swooped down and fired a missile from under each wing. They swooped low. Mikela ducked as the missiles flew over her head slamming into a building in front of her.

Sam sprinted forwards as the building collapsed behind him. He turned round looking over the ruins. Mikela and Wheelie stood there looking back at him. They were stuck there. She smiled at him. He nodded and continued.Mikela turned round picking up a piece of metal pipe from the ground and wielding it as a baseball bat. Wheelie did the same with a razor.

Jolt spun round again his whips catching several of the Frenzy drones sending them flying into the air. He jumped up using his hand to push off the ground and kicked the Frenzy drones as they came down. They flew through the air. Barricade dodged them and growled angrily. He ran forwards slicing with both clawed hands. Jolt dodged to his right and grabbed Barricade spinning him round.

Barricade slammed into a shop window sending the small apartment crashing down on top of him. He tried to get up but found himself tangled in a mess of wires. Jolt saw his opportunity and flung out his electric whip, connecting the cables with over 5000 volts. Barricade screamed then went still as his circuits were fried.

“These humans really are pathetic beings” Shockwave said as he blasted several with his laser, scorching the ground as it fired. “Not now Decepticreep” Ironhide said as he revealed himself. “I will enjoy destroying you Autobot” Shockwave said firing. Ironhide fired his pulse cannon. The two blasts hit exploding into a white light. “This is going to be fun” Ironhide said. Shockwave smiled.

The skyscraper was only a short distance away from him. Sam could already make out the people inside the building. What had his vision shown him? Once he was close to the building there would be an explosion. Then what? He had no time to think of an answer as Megatron landed near him opening fire with a blast from his plasma cannon. There was a huge explosion.

Sams mind flashed as he felt himself slam into a parked car. He swore loudly and bit his lip as blood trickled from his grazed arm. “I will enjoy killing you boy so let’s make this as painful as possible shall we” Megatron said as he reached towards Sam. “Noooooo” Jolt screamed as he jumped forward hitting Megatron with a blast of concentrated electricity. Megatron buzzed with light as he flicked Jolt away.

“Or should we make this quick” Megatron said as he aimed his plasma cannon. A blast of rocket fire hit him temporarily deactivating his wormhole generator. “Who dares disrupt my victory?” Megatron shouted as he looked up. “Your are weak Megatron the Decepticons should follow me” Starscream said as he hovered above. “You will die for this treachery Starscream” Megatron said as his jets powered up and he lifted into the sky.

Sam picked himself up and ran forward. Behind him a car spun flipping in the air. Exploding mid air showers of metallic spikes flew all around slamming like bullets into anything they hit. Sam dodged a Black Peugeot which spun past him slamming into the side of an oncoming tanker. The two vehicles exploded in a fireball and slid towards Sam.

Laserbeak swooped down. Mikela swung at the Decepticon bird hitting it in the wing. It spun in the air but continued to attack. Wheelie jumped up and grabbed hold of Laserbeaks claws pulling himself up and onto the birds back. “No one hurts warrior goddess” he shouted hitting Laserbeak in the face with the toothbrush. He pushed it into the bird’s eye. It sparked slightly as Laserbeak swung round. The eye exploded outwards.

Wheelie was thrown back grabbing onto the Decepticons metallic tail. He pulled hard on it tearing it off. Laserbeak screeched viciously as he collided into the Skyscraper.

Sam kept running onwards as the fireball continued after him. He pushed his way through the double doors and past the empty counter. He managed to start climbing the stairs before the two vehicles hit through the double doors reaching the counter before they exploded again into a huge fireball. He was trapped. His vision was coming true.

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 11

Déjà vu all over again in Scene 11 of my Adaption.

Scene 11
The sky was growing darker every second as Bumblebee searched through the rusty and broken tanks and planes that littered this vast expanse. His mind was racing. Who is this mysterious Protoform and why is he so intent on getting his hands on the Allspark fragment. He spotted something small running between the cars. “Could it be the Decepticon?” Bumblebee dismissed the idea. It was too small to be the Decepticon.

Jolts blue eyes glowed low in the sunset. Behind him Dinoraw was examining a car door and recoiled as it fell making a large clang which vibrated round the area. Jolt turned with a scowl. Dinoraw looked back with a look saying it won’t happen again. There was a loud clang in front of them. Jolt looked back to the direction of Bumblebee then transformed speeding through the ails of cars.

Bumblebee made his way through the cars and stepped out. He gasped at the sight. It was a mass graveyard of disused tanks and military jets. His eyes scanned the surrounding. This was like impossible he could be anywhere or anything. Behind him something moved in the shadows.
The Decepticon jumped onto the roof of a nearby car. Its roof buckled under his weight but didn’t let off any sound that would attract attention. He smiled slightly and ran forward. He accidently kicked a screwdriver lying on the bonnet of a nearby Ford Fiesta. The screwdriver flicked round and collapsed to the ground. Bumblebee turned and fired as the Decepticon jumped over another car and landed down behind a tank.

Bumblebee advanced slowly his weapon aimed at everything and anything in the vicinity of the tank. A blue light shone brightly from the weapons guidance system. Behind the tank the Decepticon protoform looked at the tiny piece of Allspark in his hand then without another thought opened a small compartment in his chest and placed the piece inside. He smiled again.
The Decepticons eyes turned blue as they began to scan the tank. Inside his vision small lines measured each of the different sections of the tank. His body slowly began to change. “No you don’t Decepticon” Jolt said as he sped forward. The Decepticon turned slightly his body still shifting to his new alt mode.

Bumblebee also looked up as Jolt hit the bonnet of a car and shot upwards his car mode suspended in the air for a second as he transformed. Bumblebee realised what he was going to do even as Jolt aimed his weapon. “NO!” Bumblebee yelled. Jolts hand shifted into a small pulse launcher and fired. Only seconds later did Jolt notice two things, number one he was in a place filled with cars and number two cars contain flammable liquids!

The blue light shot from the pulse gun as Jolt flipped landing on his feet on a nearby tanks roof. The shot hit dead on target straight in the Decepticons chest. He spun round as he fell his eyes still scanning the surroundings momentarily flashing over a MiG-25 jet. The pulse didn’t only hit the Decepticon though as the pulse slammed into the ground immediately setting alight the oil left from the cars. Jolt quickly moved over to Bumblebee.

“You can’t defeat me Autobots. I have the Allspark piece” The Decepticon smiled. “Guess again Decepticreep” Dinoraw said as he jumped onto the roof of a car and aimed with his axe. He fired. A single missile shot straight from the tip. It snaked through the air. The Decepticon smiled as it sailed over his head.

“You missed” it smiled. Dinoraw stood up and placed the axe on his back. “Did I?” The Decepticon turned slowly and spotted where the missile had hit. It was wedged in a gas canister. “Oh crap” The Decepticon said as the flames ignited the gas canister causing every car, tank and jet in the vicinity to instantly explode. Dinoraw jumped down from the car. Quickly rushing over to Bumblebee as the explosion behind him rippled the concrete sending a shockwave through which sent them falling to the ground.

Dinoraw stood and turned back to the inferno. “Looks like I may need to stay with you for a while” Behind him the fires continued slowly. Unbeknown to all the Autobots present at the time a flame leapt up if only for a second sending a jet screeching into the sky. High above them the Jet flew. Inside its monitors switched giving it a projected location. The pilot smiled and fuzzed as he faded away and the jet went soaring into the air.

Laserbeak swooped low over the city as the bus slowly moved through the jam packed streets. It was a typical week day. If Sam has thought even for a second that meeting Optimus Prime would suddenly rush him back into the Transformers universe again he was wrong. He has been left alone waiting near a tree for some extraterrestrial robot to return from Mars. The sun was setting and the bus was full.

Sam turned to his right and picked up a news paper from one of the chairs. There was a large article filling two page about the safety of Space travel including a section about the Space shuttle Atlantica explosion. No doubt the report had been paid off as there was no mention of the attack on the base N.E.S.T. has mentioned.

He flicked to the job pages. Even with a small salary from N.E.S.T. along with payments every month he was still very annoyed at the whole situation. He was stuck under protection acts and he couldn’t even care for himself. He noticed a small ad in one of the sections. He recognised the phone number. It was Mikela`s.

That was another mystery solved. He had known she had wanted to carry on her job working with her father but unfortunately N.E.S.T. protection meant. No going places that could attract attention. This was the only way she was doing any help. Talking to people was prohibited as well. This meant many things including the resulting lessoning of time spent between Mikela and Sam.

Sam sighed and pressed his head against the window. Above him Laserbeaks soared effortlessly. Hundreds of miles above him Megatron observed the freshly transmitted images with increasing interest. “First Prime” He smiled. “Then You!” Megatron glared at the image transmitted to his optics. Megatron turned to his minions. Soundwave smiled slightly.

Optimus didn’t feel the impact as his robotic body slammed into the ground. Clumps of dirt and grass shot up as his body tore through the soil as it slowed. He came to rest in a quiet village. Quiet that is until he arrived. There were screams coming from all around people pointing their eyes in a look of fear.

It took a few seconds for Optimus Prime to realise they were not directed at him. He couldn’t move. His body wasn’t responding. Maybe it was the fear of battle or the thoughts in his head telling him that there was no hope left. He was unable to fight and unable to move as Megatron appeared above him tearing a freshly made hole in space behind him glowing red. Behind him followed his minions Soundwave and Shockwave.

At least that was a break for Optimus. One less minion, one less fight. This sudden realisation that he wouldn’t have to face all of them together again gave him hope. He placed his hand onto the nearby building and slowly lifted himself higher. Hovering above him, Megatron smiled. “Bring me his spark” Almost immediately Soundwave and Shockwave attacked. They swooped low over the ground, slicing forward with blades.

Prime was ready. His jets burst into action sending him upwards as Shockwave drove forth with a sharp blade. Soundwave shot up after Prime slicing at him with his wrist blades. Optimus dodged. He was surprised at how well he could control the jetpack even with only the one jet. Megatron appeared behind him and shot forward with his claw sending the other Jetpack falling to the ground. Prime fell also.

Sam looked over to the other side of the bus. A crowd of people had gathered round someone with a mobile phone. It was getting a live transmission from somewhere in China. He stood up and began slowly making his way towards them. He hurried his moves when he heard them talking about robots. Sure enough when he reached them he saw the image. It was Optimus Prime. He was fighting Megatron.

Optimus landed hard creating a small crater in the already worsening state of the village. Villagers were screaming. Shockwave silenced several in a quick blow. Megatron slowly descended. Optimus could do nothing as Shockwave and Soundwave moved over to pin him to the ground. He couldn’t resist there power as he felt himself forced down. Megatron landed.
He walked forward and stopped on Optimus`s chest. He leant down.

“You have lost Optimus, Now give me your spark” His hand moved forward. Optimus flexed his fingers. “Give me your spark or will I be forced to pry it from your cold dead processors?” Megatron aimed his hand. It transformed. Stretching out to form a sharp spike which flexed and split into several thing fingers each with many different surgical equipment.

A saw whirred into life and began its way towards Optimus as Megatron moved in for the kill. Optimus struggled again. This time he managed to lift one arm. He swung the arm. It hit Shockwave in the chest. He drove the arm up unleashing his sword. With his now free right hand he drove upwards. Megatron didn’t react as the sword slammed through his chest piercing through his circuits.

Prime pulled the sword out and let Megatron fall. He fell slamming into the ground. “Soundwave...” was his last word before he became still. Soundwave released Optimus`s arm and attacked slicing with his blades. Prime blocked one blow but the other hit. It sliced into his arm cutting through vital cables and circuitry. Soundwave attacked again lifting Prime up only to slice his chest with a series of sharp attacks.

Prime`s glass windows smashed and fell. A windscreen wiper lay torn and bent on the ground. Soundwave pushed forward forcing Prime into a tree. “Your spark is mine” Soundwave said as he tore through Optimus`s now exposed delicate chest. He pulled out the spark still attached to several cables. It shone blue for a few seconds until Soundwave ended its life as the cables severed and it became dark.

At once Primes body stopped and became still. Soundwave nodded to a concerned Shockwave who was looking over Megatron. Shockwave moved an arm and seconds later all three of the Decepticons had disappeared back to the Nemesis.

Sam was distraught by the time he had reached his and Mikela`s home. The phone was ringing but he chose not to answer. He already knew who it would be and what they would be talking about. N.E.S.T. was always like that. It hadn’t been on the news however video`s of it were circling the internet. It seemed even N.E.S.T. couldn’t stop the internet.

He heard a car honk outside. Then there was a sound, metal scraping against metal. The house shook as Bumblebee pushed the door. It fell off its hinges and smashed to the ground. Sam fell backwards as the house shook again. Bumblebee transformed and honked his horn. Sam nodded solemnly and got in.

They arrived at the new Autobot HQ. It was less protected or hidden than the old one. From outside it was a simple storage warehouse and indeed at some point in its history it obviously had been. But now it had been stripped of all of its content. For this was only a shell.

Bumblebee drove through the entrance. A small laser system buzzed in response and the ground in front of him dropped at a slant. Sam watched as gears and other mechanical devices whirred into action before him. Bumblebee drove forward, down into the dark underbelly of the secret base. It was dark at first but got brighter as they neared the end.

They came into a large area filled with machinery each either scanning or building parts of the base. Sam got out and ducked as a robotic arm spun round above him and began welding a piece of metal to a frame. Bumblebee transformed and walked forwards signalling Sam to follow. He did so. They stopped at a scanner. It scanned Sam and Bumblebee at the same time.

They entered through a large concealed entrance shaped like a crystal formation in the rocks.
The atmosphere immediately changed. The Autobots were already in there, Jolt, Ironhide, Chromia, Sideswipe, Wheelie and others who he had never seen before. There was a strange old bot with something that looked like an axe attached to his back. Then another robot who looked like he was this Ultra Magnus character as he looked over the rest of the Autobots with an air of power coming from him.

There was a strange Autobot who kept watching the others as if they might attack him at any time. In the middle of this circle of Autobots was a metal table and resting on it was Optimus Prime. A strange robot stood next to him examining him with a look of sadness in his eyes. It was Perceptor. Next to him stood Wheeljack who was looking at a monitor which was hooked up to Optimus.

Sam quickly climbed some steps to gain a better view. Optimus was lying on his back. His robotic features relaxing as his vital signs became less and less. A small monitor bleeped slightly as a small dot lifted up and down in time with Optimus`s robotic heart.

Optimus lifted his head slightly. “You should rest” Perceptor said. “Is he going to be okay?” Sam asked. It was Wheeljack who responded “He`s suffered a lot of damage. He will need to be hooked up to this machine for quite a while. After that battle the only thing sustaining him was the Matrix and now . . .” He trailed off. “The Matrix?” Sam thought as he slowly said the words.
The Matrix was what Optimus Primes ancestors had used to activate Sun Harvesters. He shuddered at the thought of another Sun Harvester being activated. Luckily he had managed to resurrect Prime using the device and they were able to save the Earth. “Why are we discussing this with a Human?” Ultra Magnus asked pointing a metallic finger at Sam.

“Have you not been informed? This boy is important. We need to protect him” Ironhide said angrily stepping in between Sam and Ultra Magnus. “Enough. Prime needs to speak!” Perceptor said. Ultra Magnus glared at Ironhide then backed off turning back to Prime.

"I cannot serve as your commander during this state as such I pass on leadership of the Autobots to you, Ironh . . .” Prime said. “I am honoured Prime,” Ultra Magnus interrupted. “I am glad you chose to respect the orders of your superiors and give it to the Autobot with the highest statute,” he pointed to himself. Ironhide glared angrily at Ultra Magnus, but backed off as Prime waved him back.

“As my first command while Optimus Prime is in stasis, I hereby announce the retreat of all Autobots from Earth” Ultra Magnus paused. “You can’t do that. Earth will be left defenceless” Sam shouted out again. “How stupid are you humans. Your weapons have proven to be effective against the Decepticons and us many times before” He gestures to Bumblebee who uneasily moves back.

Outside the door Prowl moved back slightly. His eyes peering through the gap. He quickly exited the headquarters. Seconds later he found himself on the roof considering all he had heard. The moon was high in the sky casting his shadow in front him. He gazed out over the houses and alley. “This is a fragile world” he muttered.

North West Police Station, 10 minutes from Autobot HQ. It was constable Nick Coopers first day on service. A routine inspection was supposed to be his only problem today. Now he had been called away to deal with a suspected robbery a few miles away. He sighed to himself and got into his police car. As he did so the side of the car seemed to melt away revealing the logo it had long kept hidden while on Earth. “To Punish And Enslave!”

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 10

The beginning of the end. Optimus Prime fights Megatron once again, in Scene 10 of my Adaption.

Scene 10
Optimus rose higher and higher as the cloudline burst. Shimmers of water glistened in the air as he shot upwards. He body glowed red hot as he went into Orbit and shot out flying through space.

Nemesis, Mars. “Shockwave report” Megatron growled. “The energy from the Machine is still not enough to revive the army. We need something more” Shockwave replied. “Prime`s Spark. How do we get it?” Megatron stopped as Prime exploded through the side of the Nemesis. He crashed into several Protoform pods sending them falling to the ground. “Prime!” Megatron exclaimed. “Your rule of Tyranny has gone on long enough Megatron” Optimus said as he hovered above the ground.

“I disagree Optimus Prime. I defeated you once and I can do it again. Besides I’ve had a few upgrades since last we met” Megatron smiled as Soundwave gave him the box. “Now Prime it is time to die!” Megatron said as he rushed forward. “The end shall be yours Megatron!” Prime said as he ran forward. Just as they were about to collide Megatron activated the box. Megatron disappeared. Prime stopped.

“I expected sterner stuff. Are you trying to disappoint?” Optimus said. Megatron re-materialised behind Prime and lashed out with a sharp kick. “On the contrary. This fight will be very entertaining” Megatron said as his voice echoed round the Nemesis. Prime unleashed his Swords. Megatron unleashed a fury of sharp attacks with hands and feet. Prime sliced round hitting Megatron in the chest. Megatron gasped out and teleported behind Prime and fired.

Prime ducked and grabbed Wheeljacks Machine off the side. Wires and machinery fell with it. Shockwave fired from a corner narrowly missing Prime as Megatron forced him to the ground. Megatron reached out and grabbed Shockwave by the neck. “Does it look like I need your help?” He asked. Megatron threw him into the corner and picked up Prime. “You didn’t really think you could beat me on your own?” Megatron said as he lifted Prime up.

“Your death will mark the beginning of your pathetic Autobots end, I shall rid this Universe of the wretched Autobot menace with you first Prime!” Megatron smiled. “No” Optimus shouted as he clasped his hands on the machine and rose upwards. The machine slammed into Megatron but Megatron took the blow. He rose quickly and countered with a slice from his sword. Prime lifted the device.

The sword struck slicing into the outer skin of the life giving device. It exploded a blue spray of life erupted from it. Sparkling as it flashed out around the two leaders. Then it was gone it faded away into non-existence. The machine was also gone and Prime found his two swords blocking Megatron`s blow. A flame of anger erupted in Megatrons eyes as he lifted his sword hand to try and deal a killing blow.

Prime grabbed him by the wrist and lifted him upwards spinning round and throwing him into more Protoforms which collapsed and fell to the ground. Megatron transformed moving from his robot form and collapsing down to form his tank mode. He fired then changed into Jet mode and shot forwards slamming into Optimus sending both spiralling upwards crashing through the Nemesis`s metallic shell and out into the vastness of space.

They shot upwards breaking through the ozone layer. Shimmering flames clung to them as they spiralled round. Megatron transformed and sliced round with a clawed hand. Optimus caught the blow and twisted sending Megatron spiralling. Optimus shot backwards firing as Megatron sped up to him giving a blow that sent Optimus hurtling through the air.

Optimus turned and managed to steady himself. He aimed and fired. Megatron dodged in a spur of quick decisive movements. “Let’s make this interesting” Megatron smiled as he grabbed Optimus throat. There was a small flash of light as Megatron dissipated taking Optimus with him.

They re-materialised above the Earth. “This should be a fitting end for you Prime. Dyeing near a planet you enjoy so much” Megatron snarled as his clawed hand contracted around Primes neck. “Surrender Prime. Let the darkness consume you” Megatrons hand closed tighter as Prime squirmed in pain. “Never” Prime breathed. “Then die!” Megatron gleamed.

Megatrons thrusters shot into action. White hot flames spurted out from behind him as he pushed Prime forward as they jetted towards the Moon. They broke through the atmosphere. Prime took momentary lapse in Megatrons concentration and spun round behind Megatron tearing off one of his jets. He swung it round and smashed it into Megatrons chest sending the Decepticon leader crashing to the crater covered ground below.

“You lose Megatron” Prime relaxed allowing himself to glide effortlessly down. “It`s not over yet” Megatron said pulling himself from the swirling dust. “Decepticons attack” He yelled. Almost immediately Prime felt himself thrown round as Astrotrain clasped him in a vice like grip. Prime spun round and sliced out with his sword.

Astrotrain parried the blow and returned the force with a quick flurry of punches. Optimus felt himself weaken as Astrotrain attacked again with a sharp kick sending pieces of metal flying from Optimus`s chest. Prime powered up his jets and shot forward slicing through Astrotrains thick boosters. The blade cut through several wires and Astrotrain winced at the sight of his own Energon leaking from him.

Optimus Primes relief was short lived. This short battle was only the start of things as he now saw the other Decepticons waiting for their moment to fight, Shockwave and Soundwave. Megatrons loyal henchmen and to make matters worse there leader would soon have enough strength to rejoin the fight. Prime shot forward only to be grabbed by a recovering Astrotrain. “Where do you think you are going?” He asked menacingly.

Prime sliced round with his sword. It sliced cutting through the robots armour leaving a thick gouge which glowed bright red. Astrotrain sped backwards as Shockwave and Soundwave let loose with a barrage of missile fire. Prime dodged but winced as several rockets slammed into him. As the smoke cleared he managed to react just in time before another round of rockets.

He sped off only to be punched once again by Astrotrain. Another trail of rockets shot past. He tried to dodge. Megatron re-materialised beside him. Fully recovered from his previous defeat and already ready to continue. He sliced round. Prime tried to block but the blow sliced into his right jet. It fizzled and went dead then broke off from Prime and began to float back.

Prime felt himself spinning slightly by the force of the remaining jet. Megatron grabbed the now severed jet and flung it forward. The forces was magnified by the lack of gravity. It smashed into Prime and exploded. A small fireball then nothing. Prime felt himself stop as he lost power. Megatron smiled as the Earth’s gravity began to affect Prime. Prime felt himself grow heavier as he fell further.

Red hot flame seared round him for a second but he didn’t notice. He could feel the wind rushing past him. He always had liked this planet. The ground below him grew ever larger. Larger and larger, closer and closer. Then his vision faded and turned black.

Megatron turned to Astrotrain. “Return to the Nemesis, bring Devastator” He turned to the rest of his minions. “Now we get his Spark and crush the remaining Autobots”

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 9

Scene 9 of my Adaption.

Scene 9:
It was midday. The sun had rose high in the sky. The tree`s blew silently in the summer breeze as Sam stood waiting, resting against the bark of a thick tree. The silence of the evening was broken as a Peterbilt 379 semi truck rolled into view and transformed. Even after all the times Sam had seen the Transformation of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime it was still a shock to him to see just how much these semi-organic beings could actually do.

The rear wheels lifted up and spun round as they locked into place. Prime rose up. “You wished to see me?” he asked. Sam nodded “I`ve been having visions” Optimus looked concerned. “Visions of what?” He asked. “Well the same vision to be precise. Some planet is getting destroyed and the destroyer is something large” Optimus looked worriedly at Sam. Could this be what the strange Decepticon had warned? He removed the thought from his mind. “How does the vision end?” He asked.

“I die” Sam replied slowly. Optimus looked gravely at him. “These are just dreams Sam they cannot effect what is in the future” He said. “I know that, but what if they foresee it?” Sam asked “What if this is a sign of things that will happen?” Optimus walked over and leant against the tree. A flourish of activity followed as leaves fell and birds flew away. “In the visions did you see your death?” Optimus asked.

“Yes” Sam replied coldly. Optimus turned away “Did you see your death? Did you see yourself dead?” He paused. Sam looked back and thought. “No” he replied. Optimus seemed to lighten. “If this was a vision of your death you would have seen yourself dead. This proves it cannot be a vision” Optimus smiled slightly. “What about the planet and the horns though?” Sam asked. Optimus immediately turned uneasy and stumbled collapsing back against the tree which groaned under the pressure.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked. Optimus lifted himself off the tree. “Nothing” was his only reply. “I have to go” He said. “That doesn’t sound very macho” Sam replied. “You try thinking of cool lines all the time” Optimus smiled as he transformed. “Wheeljack to Prime. Wheeljack to Prime!” Optimus speakers burst into life. “Come in Wheeljack” Prime said as he transformed back into robot mode.

“Wheeljack?” Sam asked sarcastically. Prime shrugged. “Prime we have a situation here. Megatron has resurrected Devastator and has a huge army ready to be awakened. You got to stop them Prime” Counterpunch said. “Where are they?” Prime asked worriedly as he spoke into a small monitor on his hand. “There on Mars!” Wheeljack replied. “A huge army of Decepticons and my machine” Wheeljack continued.

“Mars?” Sam exclaimed. “I will be there shortly” Optimus replied. He pressed a pad on his arm. “Leo I need a boost” He said. “Leo?” Sam said “Are me and Mikela the only ones who have no part in the Autobots lives?” He thought. “N.E.S.T. is already on it Prime” Leo replied as he swivelled round and tracked a jet as it deposited its package above their location.

Sam watched as it shot down from the sky. Strings untangled and parachutes shot out. It took four of them to unfurl before the package slowed down. The package jolted upwards as it came into landing and thudded against the ground a few meters away from Sam. Sam watched as the package burst open revealing Wheelie and a large mesh of metal which resembled a backpack.

“Back from the dead and still awesome” Wheelie smiled as he slid round on his wheels. He tripped on the gravel and fell forward. “Back from the dead. Am I the only one who hasn’t been informed?” Sam said.

He lifted himself up. “One package for a mister Optimus Prime” he said. Prime walked over and lifted out the large metal backpack. He placed it onto his back and it unfurled. Only then did Sam recognise the package as Jetfires remains. “You can’t be serious?” Sam said as he looked at the remains of Jetfires body. “You want to wear a dead guy’s armour to defeat an army of Decepticons” He asked as Wheelie finished attaching the final remaining pieces of the armour to Primes body. Prime nodded slowly. “So how do you feel?” Sam asked. “In a word, Prime” Optimus smiled back at Sam as his thrusters burnt into life. “Just like old times”. Sam said. Prime nodded as he rose higher. “Be careful” Sam continued. Prime nodded solemnly and shot off into the sky.

Dinoraw stumbled backwards. “The Allspark!” he replied. “Yes. That’s what we just asked you about. Also the Matrix” Jolt said. Dinoraw nodded. “Okay our story begins” Jolt cut him off. “We don’t need another of those long stories about everything” He said. “This is an important part of history. Only I know so you might as well shut it and let me finish” Dinoraw shouted. “Cool down old guy” Jolt said. Bumblebee angrily stared at Jolt. “Please continue” Bumblebee said.

“As I was saying before, our story begins in a time of great unease. The creator of the Universe had decided to govern the universe by creating two deities, one good the other Evil” Dinoraw paused. “Are you going to tell us all that god rubbish? Everyone knows that they are legends. I mean the names of these two gods are so powerful alone it is said to be able to awaken them from their slumbers and cause the end of time itself!” Jolt said.

“I suppose you could be right. If so I suppose now is the best time to say it” Dinoraw rolled his eyes. “The god chosen to govern over the good qualities in the universe was Primus a being able to manipulate and control the very corners of the universe through kind actions. The dark god was known as Unicron. A dark and evil creature made from the original creators own dark side. He was originally the guardian of the entire universe until his position was removed” Dinoraw paused again for a breath then suddenly realised he didn’t need to breath and went back to the story.

“The gods needed a form of energy to allow them to survive and to keep them in balance. Thus the original creator made Energon, which gave life to everything in the universe. That was the beginning of Cybertron” Dinoraw stopped again. “Any questions” He asked. Jolt laughed. “That was pointless. What about the Matrix and the Allspark?”

“Oh, ok. With the creation of Cybertron, Energon became rarer. Primus created the Matrix an object of Power used to control the life force of every Transformer and to govern respect among them. Primus created the Allspark and then made the thirteen original transformers. Unicron however lusted for more power and began convincing one of the Primes to steal the Matrix. This Prime would forever be known as The Fallen. Unicron found the Allspark and stole it adapting it in order to find Suns in which more Energon could be drained. However Unicron became greedy and wanted more power”

“Unicron began devouring planets and a huge battle ensued between him and Primus. Primus managed to trap Unicron in an alternate dimension however it was at a cost. Primus was stripped of his body and forced into a celestial form of light. His powers removed he now drifts the cosmos unable to govern the life he created. Unicron waits in slumber for his time to return” Dinoraw stopped and looked down sadly

“Devouring planets?” Jolt asked “He must have been huge” He said imagining the height of the colossal Unicron. Dinoraw nodded. “So this thing must be of little importance then” The Decepticon protoform said from above. “I guess that means its mine” He jumped down aiming for Bumblebee but missed slamming into a pile of box`s. “Give me the Allspark piece” He screamed.

Bumblebee turned and fired catching the Protoform in the arm. “You know that hurts” The Protoform cackled “Maybe I should show you just how much” He said. “It can be a lot more painful than that Decepticon” Dinoraw said as he reached behind him and pulled out a large axe. He swung it round and it sliced the Protoforms arm in two.

The Protoform leapt forward and grabbed the Allspark fragment from Bumblebees hands. “Mine now” The Protoform smiled as it ran. It burst out the back of the warehouse revealing a large expanse of military equipment. “Where`s he going?” Jolt asked. Bumblebee responded simply with “I don’t care” as they chased after the Decepticon. They Bumblebee transformed and sped forward hitting a box and sending himself flying through a warehouse window.

“Always the show off” Jolt said as he went through the open warehouse door. Dinoraw followed slowly behind him. Bumblebee landed and skidded round as he transformed. His wheel shot out slicing a deep gash into the concrete. “Come out” Bumblebee said as he jumped over another pile of box`s and looked out over the tank graveyard.

Counterpunch grabbed the edge of the cliff and began to climb. “When you said we were going down I thought you were going to land us softly” Wheeljack moaned as he clawed his way up the side of the rock wall. “The landing I could cope with but the water” Wheeljack shook his head. A cascade of water came out followed by a multicoloured trout.

“I don’t think I had enough time to plot a correct landing with you shouting all the time” Counterpunch said as he rose up another segment of the cliff. “We have to get back to Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots” Counterpunch turned his head. “Don’t you mean Ultra Magnus, he is the one calling the shots now” Wheeljack nodded grimly and slowed slightly.

Trypticon, Remains of Decepticon city. “Our leader has managed to find the location of our enemies. They are weakened and we are strong. If we strike now we can take out the Autobots and finish that failure Megatron once and for all” Skywarp said to the remaining troops not preparing for the battle. There were only about fifty of them there not including Skywarp but he still felt they could win. “Decepticons to Earth!”

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 8

This is the 8th Scene of my Adaption.

Scene 8
Disused warehouse, Florida. It was like almost all the other sheet covered cars in the rest of the large expanse. Bumblebee lifted the sheet. “You have got to be kidding me” Jolt said as he looked at the car underneath it. A Milner Aircar stared back up at them. “Only one way to find out” Bumblebee said as he lifted out the last fragment of the Allspark. Jolt stopped him. “Wait I think he`s moving”

The Aircars wings seemed to flex as the vehicle slowly began to shift then suddenly sprang into life. Its engines and propellers all went into action as the vehicle darted forward. Jolt jumped out the way “Motorists” He sighed. He transformed and sped after the speeding Aircar with Bumblebee transforming and following behind.

They rounded a corner and were shocked to find the vehicle wedged between several box`s even as the wheels sped round grinding into the concrete ground beneath. “It`s okay” Bumblebee said as he transformed “No one is going to hurt you” He said. “Hurt him? I`m not going to hurt him unless he tries running me over again” Jolt said.

The Aircar`s wings flipped out and spun its wheels as it dangled, wedged between the boxes on either side. Then it transformed. Everything sprang into life. The front slid apart into separate slats which quivered then rose up forming a fan shaped disk. The wings bent round and slid behind and into the main body of the car. The engines rolled round and stretched out.

The disk spun round turning behind the robots already forming neck. The front folded up and flipped up attaching to the neck. It spun round and separated into many different pieces which each slotted into the side of the face.

The legs unfurled from under him as he landed on all fours. He picked himself up and looked at the two other robots. “Hello I am Dinoraw” the robot exclaimed. Bumblebee nodded in respect. “Why did you search for me?” Dinoraw asked as he lifted himself up. “We need to know more about the Allspark!” Bumblebee said holding up the last Allspark fragment.

Wreckage of Autobot base, Location Classified. Wheelie squeezed his way out of a hole and went over to help the other Autobots. Magnus clawed his way out of the rubble. “Is everyone okay?” He asked as he surveyed the area. “Jeez what do you think?” Wheelie said as he began to remove some of the rubbish from around a severed hand. The hand twitched as Optimus Prime rose from the rubble. He grabbed the hand and placed his other hands sword against it.

He tried to bear the pain the heat from his sword produced as he melted his hand back onto his arm. Prowl rose from the dirt and brushed off some of the rubble. The collapsed roof next to him shone blue as Ironhide blasted it into pieces as he rose up. “That is why I hate Decepticreeps” he said as he turned round and lifted up another piece of wall next to him revealing Kup. “Come on” He said as he pulled Kup out of the rubble.

“Are we all okay? Are we dead? Can someone answer me?” Blurr shouted as he quickly sped out from under some rubble creating a small dust cloud. “Everyone present and accounted for” Perceptor said as he clambered out from under a doorway. “Where’s Ratchet and Wheeljack?” Prime asked as he looked around.

“They are safe” Ultra Magnus lied. “Right now we need to focus on leaving this planet. These humans are far more trouble than they are worth. We will gather more Autobots from the various planets and then we will strike back against the Decepticons” Magnus said.

Prime nodded solemnly. As long as the Autobots were protected he would be okay with following Ultra Magnus`s orders. A small cog spun in Optimus`s ear and a cable snaked its way deeper inside and latched into a small hole. “Prime, this is urgent” Leo said as he sat at the computers at N.E.S.T base.

“We had barely any Decepticon attacks in the last few yet last night a large Decepticon managed to take down one of our Space Shuttles and steal something very valuable from us” Leo said. Prime thought for a second. “What did it take?” He asked. “It appears he may have stolen the remains of one of the Decepticon`s that you defeated last time!” Leo said as he brought up a file on the computer.

“It seems the Decepticon has not been identified however the base says that he was very large and deadly however the base is refusing to say why they had the Decepticon” He pulled up another file. “Apparently it seems that the base was supplying adapted weapons to several renegade army groups. Special Forces, Men in black. You know the drill. Well anyway we believe the Decepticons may be planning something huge”

“I read you” Prime said “They have already attacked us and our base” Leo looked worriedly as he typed on the computer. “Also Sam Witwicky wants to meet you. He said something about dreams” Leo rolled his eyes. “I will check that out immediately” Prime said “Ready some transportation”

Nemesis Cargo bay, Mars. “Done” Wheeljack exclaimed as he moved away from the corpses of the Constructicons as they began to move. “Yes, I believe you are” Megatron said as he aimed his gun. The side of the cargo bay exploded and pods fell to the ground. They split open revealing the Protoforms which clawed at the air as they slowly died. “Miss me” Punch said as he fired.
Wheeljack dodged and rolled round firing at Megatron who took the blow and fired his own. Punch dodged as he sliced round and picked up one of the Protoforms swinging it at Shockwave who collapsed crushing Megatron under him. “Get them Soundwave” Megatron yelled.

Punch jetted off as he propelled himself into space dragging Wheeljack behind him. Soundwave followed firing desperately as they sped away. They reached Earth orbit. Punch sped in. Flames shot around them as they sped into the Earth’s atmosphere and down to the waiting ground below.

Soundwave stopped in orbit “Laserbeak eject, monitor the Autobots” he said and smiled as his chest opened. Small tentacles turned slightly like a spring compressing then they expanded shooting out a small object. The object fell into orbit falling faster and faster. Flames dashed the outer shell as the object fell. It transformed in orbit and swooped lower.

Its sensors scanned every signal as it homed in on its prey. Optimus Prime. It swooped above even as Optimus transformed and headed off to find Sam. His Optical receptors took in all the detail and transmitted it not only to Soundwave but to Megatron as well. Megatron smiled as an image of Prime appeared on the screen. “Soon” He said “Soon will be the end” Megatron smiled as the Constructicons behind him laughed maniacally as Megatron turned to look at the object that resurrected them and his encased Protoform army .

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 7

Scene 7 of my Adaption. As the strands begin to draw together the story intensifies.

Scene 7:
Mars, Nemisis holding cell. Wheeljack awoke with a taste of dust in his mouth. His other senses were numbed as the pain of his injuries overcame him again and he drifted out of consciousness. He woke a few hours later to the sound of screaming. He looked out through the bars. In an area he could only describe as the ships Medical bay there was a ton of strange pods hanging from the walls and ceilings. A corpse lay across the table. Devastators corpse, separated into each of the individual Constructicons.

He looked over to the gantry and saw a gruesome sight. Soundwave smiled as Shockwave powered up his blaster and left it so its heat melted the armour of the Autobot currently chained to the wall, Ratchet. “We can tear you limb from limb Autobot” Shockwave sneered. “Enough” Megatron said “Bring him out” Astrotrain landed and sliced at the bars which fell apart in a swift clash of metal.

“You will never win Decepticons” Wheeljack screeched as Astrotrain wrenched him out of his cell. “Oh but we have, almost” Megatron smiled. “Build us the machine that you made to resurrect your friend or this other friend” He gestured to Ratchet “Will be no longer a friend to anything” Megatron pointed his new arm at Ratchet. The arm extended into a cannon.
Wheeljack gulped “I`ll do it” He breathed slowly. “Don’t help them” Ratchet screamed.

Shockwave fired. The blast erupted out of his gun firing with a thin black smoke trailing behind. The shot hit. “Ratchet. No!” Wheeljack screamed. “Now we can begin” Megatron smiled. Wheeljack clenched his fist. The smoke cleared and Ratchet looked out. Wheeljack looked back. Ratchets face had melted in the heat of the explosion and his now melted arm lay in a smouldering lump on the metal gantry.

The radio sang out as Born to be Wild shot out from the inbuilt sound system. The road shone in the midday sun. Streaks of dirt flew up off the ground. Wheels churned against the tarmac below. The yellow paint glistened. The Camero spun round a corner. A blue Chevrolet Volt sped behind. “You really shouldn’t attract attention to yourself” Jolt said. Bumblebee turned up the volume as they continued.

They arrived shortly. The song ended. They were at a large warehouse. “You sure this is the place” Jolt said. A shock rocked the building as a Protoform crashed into the ground in front of them sending Bumblebee flying in the air. He transformed in mid air and landed. He skidded and grabbed a Lamppost swinging it round and hitting the Protoform as it transformed and attacked.
“This Seeker is mine Autobot” the Decepticon Protoform screamed. “Not today” Jolt said as he lashed out with his whips. The bot dodged and the whips sliced through the air. “Missed” the Protoform shouted. Bumblebee spun round and fired. The Protoform wheeled round as the blast hit him. He jumped upwards and landed on the roof of the warehouse and started to run.

Jolt went to follow. Bumblebee stopped him “Let him go, we have work to do” Jolt nodded. They entered the warehouse. Boxes were stacked high on all sides dividing the building into segments. Inside were cars. There were hundreds stretched along the wide opens space of the warehouse. Jolt signalled and Bumblebee nodded in response as they split up and went down separate aisles. After a few minutes of searching they found what they were looking for.

Mars, Outside the Nemisis. Punch looked out over the surface of Mars. He had managed to persuade Perceptor to open another space bridge. His only hope now was that Ultra Magnus didn’t find out. He stared into out at the Decepticon warship.

Mars, Inside the Nemisis. “I can’t do it I won’t” Wheeljack said. “Fair enough” Megatron said. He turned and fired. The blast erupted with a force which could shatter audio receptors. It drowned out the scream of the Autobot who met its fury. Only a few lines seemed to reach his comrade “It wasn’t your fault”

Wheeljack collapsed to the ground as he stared up at Megatron then over to his comrade Ratchet who now lay collapsed on the ground. Megatron smiled “Now it’s your turn. Build me the device or die!”

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Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 6

Scene 6 and the action is beginning to intensify. Hope you enjoy my Adaption and continue reading.

Scene 6:
A horn blared loudly. Prime smiled “I don’t!” A Car Carrier Truck was moving up the road. It sped up and skidded as its cars flew off hitting Thundercracker and barely missing a teleporting Skywarp. Starscream sliced out as the truck transformed revealing Ultra Magnus. He spun round and sliced at Starscream who deflected but soon found himself under the edge of the blade.

“You may have won this fight Autobots but I will return” Starscream yelled as he flew upwards and out of sight. Thundercracker followed with Skywarp teleporting away behind them. Ultra Magnus turned and looked at Optimus. “Now Optimus Prime there is some grave news we have to discuss” Optimus nodded even though he was not prepared for what Ultra Magnus had to say.
“We`re leaving Earth” Ultra Magnus said. Prime looked shocked “We swore to protect the humans after our war came to this planet, the Decepticons are still out there” Ultra Magnus turned slightly as Ratchet repaired Blurr`s leg. “That is why I am your replacement!”

“My replacement?” Prime stammered. Ultra Magnus nodded. “It is the opinion of the Autobot Resistance council that you are not fit to lead. Therefore you must be removed from active duty as commander of the Autobots” Magnus replied. “You’re a good Leader Prime but you can’t stop them all, not here” Magnus continued. “So your answer is to run and let this planet fend for itself against an enemy it cannot possibly defeat?” Optimus asked. “We will give them a fighting a chance. If we are far away we can remove some of the fire from earth and its inhabitance”

Prime turned away, looking down. “When is this effective” he asked. “The Council finished deliberating a few days ago. Its effective immediately” Magnus replied, Prime nodded. “So be it” Ultra Magnus turned “I will inform the rest of the Autobots” Ultra Magnus said as he strode off towards them.

Nemesis cargo bay, Mars. “I have returned Megatron. It was like you said. Starscream is plotting against you” Astrotrain said as he landed in his Space shuttle form. “He is tough but not smart enough to be worried about. His arrogance will be the end of him. He is of no concern. Did you bring them?” Astrotrain nodded in reply. He transformed and the Constructicons filled out slowly as the gas swirled around and inside them. “They still need a spark though otherwise they are useless acting alone” Astrotrain said. Megatron smiled “I can arrange something like that”

Autobot Base, Location Classified. “So who is this guy, Prime?” Ironhide asked as he walked through the gantry next to Optimus. “He is Ultra Magnus. Leader of the Autobot Resistance” Prime said. “I thought we were the resistance?” Ironhide replied. They walked turned a corner and walked into a passageway constructed with rocks made from solid Iron.

“Ratchet pass the Ion defibrillator, Mind those cables” Wheeljack said as he spun round and grabbed a Screw Driver and began working on a small round object held by several cables above Wheelies body. The object glowed a light blue. “How`s he doing” Prime asked. “I`m fine” Wheeljack replied. “I meant how is your patient” Prime sighed.

“Oh him” Wheeljack said. Blurr shot past and stood to attention in the corner as Ultra Magnus came into the room. “He`s dead. But don’t worry. Why don’t you all gather round?” Wheeljack sighed. Prime looked down sadly. “Now let us begin” Wheeljack said. Ratchet attatched several cables and the object hummed into life. The blue light glowed brighter and brighter as it engulfed the Autobots corpse.

Then as quickly as it had appeared it faded away. Nothing. “Just wait, wait” Wheeljack said as he looked over to the monitor. The monitor flashed up and a single line pulsed up and down. “He`s alive” Ultra Magnus exclaimed as he rushed over to a gasping Wheelie. “In my day that would have been considered an act of fate” Kup said as he stood at the door. “It is my friend. It is” Prowl said placing a hand on Kups shoulder.

“What happened?” Wheelie said with alarm surrounded by the other Autobots. “I was after this huge thing then everything went blank” He shrugged. Optimus looked at Wheeljack sternly “What is this thing?” He asked. Wheeljack shrugged “After fixing Ratchet I manage to attach a few left over pieces radiation with a few human devices. Quite easy to work it just siphons nearby energy and uses it to power the machine”

“I want it destroyed” Optimus said. The rest of the Autobots looked at Optimus. “This machine could help us win this war Optimus” Ultra Magnus said. “Yeah without it we are all going to die. What happens then? We stay dead!” Blurr said. “It’s too dangerous to use this machine if the Decepticons gained control of it then this war would be over” As if to answer Optimus`s fears the roof above him exploded.

Even under the surveillance and protection of N.E.S.T. and the Autobots it seemed it still wasn’t safe anywhere on Earth. The explosion sent the roof collapsing in a violent quake as Astrotrain and Shockwave landed. Shockwave tore open the roof. Prime managed to stand up and quickly grabbed the circular object. “You will not lay your hands on this today Decepticons” Optimus said as the Decepticons moved forward.

“Foolish Autobot, Why do we need the creation when we can have its creator?” Shockwave fired and sent Optimus flying backwards the object flew out of his hand. Astrotrain crushed it into the ground. Ratchet moaned. His arm, only just repaired from the last battle, lay crushed under the rubble. Shockwave looked around.

“You two are coming with us” Shockwave said as he and Astrotrain moved through the rubble. Astrotrain picked up both Ratchet and Wheeljack. “You lose Autobots, the end has come” Shockwave yelled. Astrotrain fired his boosters as his robot mode slowly lifted higher.

“Not today Decepticons” Ultra Magnus said lifting off the collapsed roof he had been under. He jumped grabbing onto Astrotrains leg and clawing his way up. Shockwave spotted him and fired sending the Autobots new leader collapsing to the ground below as Shockwave and Astrotrain jetted off into the air!

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 5

Here is scene 5 of my Adaption.

Scene 5
Pluto, cold and dark. “Of all the planets in this solar system and you pick the coldest, I thought a triumphant warrior deserved a better welcome?” Astrotrain said as he landed. Starscream looked at him. “Leaving you online should be welcome enough, have you got him?” Starscream said as Atrotrain opened the shuttle doors. “Of course I have him” Astrotrain said. Inside the shuttle the gas vapour moved into the Constructicons. “I trust you kept your end of the deal” Astrotrain asked as the Constructicons rose up and prepared to take fighting positions.

“Oh you mean the part about letting you live” Starscream smiled as Thundercracker and Skywarp rose up behind him. “I`m afraid I forgot about that, now attack” Starscream said lunging forward. Astrotrain transformed as the Constructicons jumped out and pinned down Thundercracker and Skywarp. “You should know Starscream, you can’t betray Megatron and expect to live long” Astrotrain said as he smashed Starscream into the ice.

“Then again, it wasn’t just me who betrayed him” Starscream said as behind Astrotrain four more Decepticon protoforms appeared. Astrotrain blasted one into pieces and crushed the others into the ice as well. “You are lucky Megatron doesn’t care about your insolence otherwise I would crush you right now” Astrotrain said transforming. The Contructicons returned to Astrotrain as he sped off into the sky. “Lord Starscream, what do we do next?” Thundercracker said wrenching out his arm from the thick ice.

“Next we head to Earth it is time we paid the Humans a visit, contact the troops make sure they are ready” Starscream said as he walked away and transformed. Skywarp followed with Thundercracker behind.

El Paso, Texas. Prime rolled up the road behind him Sideswipe, Ironhide and Ratchet. Inside Ratchet a small Medic bay with equipment and various items was being manoeuvred by two miniature hands which snaked round as they operated on Wheelie. A pulse monitor on the side indicated that there was only a little life left. Optimus quickly checked the road “Have we received any news on the Twins location yet” he said. Ironhide responded “No information yet the last report was somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean however there is still no word if they have discovered the Seeker yet?”

“What about Bumblebee” Prime asked. “After the first few Seekers turned out to be Decepticons he has been rather downhearted with the mission. It didn’t help that you sent him halfway round the world and back again to find them” Ironhide grumbled. “He is somewhere at an army base” Ratchet said. “Well I suppose we had better get back to base” Prime said.

The road in front of them warped and cracked. Prime skidded to a halt as a portal flashed into life before him as he transformed. The portal flickered as Prowl jumped through crouching as he landed. Then he quietly stepped to one side. “Who are you?” Ironhide said transforming into his robot form. Prowl merely signalled and said “I’d move if I were you”

Blurr shot out of the portal running into Ironhide and sending both of the spiralling backwards into the car lot. “Insolent little immature . . .” Ironhide said. Blurr cut him off “Terribly sorry, dreadfully sorry, I can help you. Please don’t hurt me, just don’t hurt me” Blurr said quickly fixing Ironhides bumper which has been thrown off in the incident. Prime looked round then turned back to the portal.

Punch jumped out quickly scanning a broken down Black Pontiac Fiero. He transformed in mid air and landed in vehicle mode skidding to a halt. He transformed “Optimus there was a situation on Cybertron. The Decepticon`s they attacked HQ, Killed Trailbreaker” Punch said. Prime looked down sadly. “He was a good warrior he will be missed”

Perceptor fell out the portal and landed on the ground in a crouching position. He staggered forwards. “So what happened?” Prime asked as Perceptor scanned a nearby MARS-V Reconnaissance vehicle. “We were ambushed, the Decepticons” Prime looked sternly. “Was Megatron with them?” he asked. “No. It seems that the Decepticons are in different groups now, one group is led by Megatron while the other is led by . . .” Perceptor stopped. “Starscream!” Ironhide shouted.

Bullets smashed into the ground slicing through the pavement and sending chunks of debris into the air. “Skywarp, Thundercracker. My Seekers, attack!” Starscream screamed transforming and firing missiles. Carnage rained about them as cars were flipped into the air. Ironhide fired and dodged as Thundercracker unleashed a hail of machine gun fire. Skywarp circled round taking Kup off guard sending him flying backwards.

“Perceptor, get Kup to safety” Prime shouted as he and Ratchet took into battle against Starscream. Perceptor nodded and went off to help Kup. “I knew we were going to die, I told you and you didn’t listen. I told you!” Blurr screamed as he hid behind an overturned car. “I knew you Autobots were cowards but you are over the top. Although I suppose killing a coward is better than killing nothing at all” Skywarp said landing and pinning down Blurr.

“You shouldn’t underestimate opponents, not at all. Never” Blurr said as he rapidly punched Skywarp in the chest. Skywarp pinned him down as Blurr struggled beneath him. “I don’t underestimate anything. I plan for every scenario” Skywarp said. “Including this one then” Blurr said as a Punch slid round and sliced off Skywarps wings. Skywarp screamed and rose up. “Wretched Autobot” He screamed.

Skywarp teleported and landed next to Ratchet slicing off his cutting arm. The Autobots attacked quickly as they fought against all three of the flying Decepticons. “You barely defeated Megatron, Prime. How do you expect to defeat me?” Starscream said as he pinned Optimus down. To his right Skywarp and Thundercracker has subdued Ironhide and Ratchet. Prowl was on his knees as Skywarp aimed his missile. Blurr was in a corner his leg crushed under a car. Punch was on the ground covered in a thin layer of earth. Starscream smiled and aimed for the killing blow.