Thursday, 8 November 2012

Transformers 4; Female lead, Wahlberg confirmed, Dont trust Bay

In a rather logical chain of events based on Michael bay, Mark Wahlberg has been rumored, denied and now confirmed to star in Transformers 4 which has now released a new logo (Above)
Also, here is all the facts on the Mark Wahlberg casting

I have tried keeping a fair opinion on Michael Bay for a while however have realised he is simply playing with fans knowing that it annoys them while getting enjoyment from causing them emotional/mental pain.

Due to understanding Michaels level of enjoyment i shall not be confirming or denying anything he states and instead use other sources to logically examine if the content is honestly going to be included in the fourth film.

Other rumors released recently include the main character being female with a 'jock' style car racing boyfriend.

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