Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fall of Cybertron Matt Tieger Q&A

With E3 in full swing the new Transformers Fall of Cybertron news is coming in thick and fast. Matt Tieger has been answering fan questions on the Playstation Blog, with some interesting points coming out, such as:

  • Big Bots - The response has been good to Bruticus and the other big guys. Matt Tieger says though that we have not discussed all of them yet.
  • The story - It's official canon, created in partnership with Hasbro, the official story of the departure from Cybertron. Matt believes it fits with any part of the franchise, so it is being kept open presumably.
  • The length of the campaign - Gameplay length is actually longer than WFC.
  • The G1 Optimus Prime unlock - The Generation 1 Optimus Prime character is a complete new model, not just a skin. He's the only classic unlock that Matt Tiger can confirm, and it was done as something special for the fans picking the game up on day 1.
  • Collector's Edition - High Moon Studios are aware of the demand though there are no current plans for a Collector’s Edition. Matt Tieger sees each copy as special.
  • Is Ultra Magnus in Fall of Cybertron? - In Matt's own words, "I can say that Hasbro has confirmed an Ultra Magnus toy. That could be a hint about his role in game."

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