Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fall of Cybertron Escalation mode details

Several key details are covered in this article on IGN and on a video hosted on Gametrailers.

Some of the key points on the new, bigger and badder Fall of Cybertron Escalation mode include:
  • You can choose the difficulty for the Escalation mode.
  • Four player characters per stage, different characters for different stages. Warpath is playable on one stage.
  • The game points out the last three enemies on a wave.
  • You can now open doors by paying 50% deposits.
  • Each room you unlock has a "loot tube", described as a mystery box of weapons and add-ons to enable you to destroy enemies. It's a random item generator.
  • There are upgrade stations, more expensive ways to power up your team. Upgrades stack and affect all players on your team.
  • There are traps, which can be used to set up ambushes for enemies.
  • You can also unlock a gunship, which roams the map blasting enemies for you.
  • Warpath is playable
  • Upgrading is expensive but applies to the whole team
  • There are addition game setups

Be sure to check out the full video of Escalation mode in Fall of Cybertron on Gametrailers to see this returning gameplay mode in action!

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