Thursday, 24 May 2012

Transformers Prime Optimus Maximus review

"The Transformers Prime Cyberverse series is bringing back that mightiest of Transformers - the massive Citybots! Back in Generation 1 these were the likes of Metroplex, Trypticon and Fortress Maximus, huge robots capable of transforming into bases for the smaller toys, and equally big battle station modes."

"Recently released in Singapore, the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Optimus Maximus is a return to this concept. He's a big robot version of Optimus Prime capable of transforming into a battle station which can seat up to nine Cyberverse toys! Is this a return to the form of the original Citybots, or just one that's strictly for the kids? Fortunately you only need to read on to find out, as 2005 Boards member pingth has bought an Optimus Maximus and has very kindly provided us with the first review of this new Transformers base-bot!"

You can check out the full review over on TFW2005.

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