Friday, 18 May 2012

"T" quadrilogy and Toxicity details

Duane Capizzi (Co-Executive Producer and Head Writer) talks Transformers Prime "T" quadrilogy made up of Tunnel vision, Triangulation, Triage and Toxicity;

"We thought it would be interesting to use a “real time” structure, and pair off the characters in a way that would allow us to explore specific relationships more deeply. We’ve done “epic” – now we're hoping to be both epic and intimate at the same time.

It had been a while since we checked in with the Teens on a more human, interpersonal level (hence ‘TunnelVision’); felt the need to explore issues of “allegiance” via Dreadwing and Starscream (in ‘Triangulation’); as for ‘Triage’ which you are about to see – we were and still are VERY excited about teaming Wheeljack with Ratchet, and bringing Soundwave to the forefront once again in a compelling way; as for the final part in our ‘T’ quadrilogy, know that repercussions from the events of this four-parter will continue to be felt throughout the remainder of the season…"

Along with this the plot for Toxicity has been revealed;

"Bulkhead is faced with life-threatening danger during the last relic hunt"

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