Friday, 18 May 2012

Ken talks Prima

"This was a fun job! I got to do final concept images for 11 of the 13 Primes, for Hasbro, Inc"

"Again, working with Eric Siebenaler, I began a bunch of pencil sketches, but one clearly stood out, and it's basically a rough pencil version of what's above. I themed him in a loose Samurai style, and reversed engineered details from Optimus Prime, to make that visual connection, as a descendant in the Prime Line. He was nicknamed the Warrior of Light, so we went with a really ornate style, with the piped lighting over a quasi-mother of pearl armor. The similar cues from Optimus only number a few, but are pretty overt - the facemask, helmet spikes, split chest 'windows', and I managed to put a G1 cue in there, the two bands over a triangle on the forearm. The sword was a joint design effort, Eric had sketched out the two-bladed idea, with the Matrix in the hilt, so I basically redesigned it to fit the look of the character/armor." (1)

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