Sunday, 5 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 8

This is the 8th Scene of my Adaption.

Scene 8
Disused warehouse, Florida. It was like almost all the other sheet covered cars in the rest of the large expanse. Bumblebee lifted the sheet. “You have got to be kidding me” Jolt said as he looked at the car underneath it. A Milner Aircar stared back up at them. “Only one way to find out” Bumblebee said as he lifted out the last fragment of the Allspark. Jolt stopped him. “Wait I think he`s moving”

The Aircars wings seemed to flex as the vehicle slowly began to shift then suddenly sprang into life. Its engines and propellers all went into action as the vehicle darted forward. Jolt jumped out the way “Motorists” He sighed. He transformed and sped after the speeding Aircar with Bumblebee transforming and following behind.

They rounded a corner and were shocked to find the vehicle wedged between several box`s even as the wheels sped round grinding into the concrete ground beneath. “It`s okay” Bumblebee said as he transformed “No one is going to hurt you” He said. “Hurt him? I`m not going to hurt him unless he tries running me over again” Jolt said.

The Aircar`s wings flipped out and spun its wheels as it dangled, wedged between the boxes on either side. Then it transformed. Everything sprang into life. The front slid apart into separate slats which quivered then rose up forming a fan shaped disk. The wings bent round and slid behind and into the main body of the car. The engines rolled round and stretched out.

The disk spun round turning behind the robots already forming neck. The front folded up and flipped up attaching to the neck. It spun round and separated into many different pieces which each slotted into the side of the face.

The legs unfurled from under him as he landed on all fours. He picked himself up and looked at the two other robots. “Hello I am Dinoraw” the robot exclaimed. Bumblebee nodded in respect. “Why did you search for me?” Dinoraw asked as he lifted himself up. “We need to know more about the Allspark!” Bumblebee said holding up the last Allspark fragment.

Wreckage of Autobot base, Location Classified. Wheelie squeezed his way out of a hole and went over to help the other Autobots. Magnus clawed his way out of the rubble. “Is everyone okay?” He asked as he surveyed the area. “Jeez what do you think?” Wheelie said as he began to remove some of the rubbish from around a severed hand. The hand twitched as Optimus Prime rose from the rubble. He grabbed the hand and placed his other hands sword against it.

He tried to bear the pain the heat from his sword produced as he melted his hand back onto his arm. Prowl rose from the dirt and brushed off some of the rubble. The collapsed roof next to him shone blue as Ironhide blasted it into pieces as he rose up. “That is why I hate Decepticreeps” he said as he turned round and lifted up another piece of wall next to him revealing Kup. “Come on” He said as he pulled Kup out of the rubble.

“Are we all okay? Are we dead? Can someone answer me?” Blurr shouted as he quickly sped out from under some rubble creating a small dust cloud. “Everyone present and accounted for” Perceptor said as he clambered out from under a doorway. “Where’s Ratchet and Wheeljack?” Prime asked as he looked around.

“They are safe” Ultra Magnus lied. “Right now we need to focus on leaving this planet. These humans are far more trouble than they are worth. We will gather more Autobots from the various planets and then we will strike back against the Decepticons” Magnus said.

Prime nodded solemnly. As long as the Autobots were protected he would be okay with following Ultra Magnus`s orders. A small cog spun in Optimus`s ear and a cable snaked its way deeper inside and latched into a small hole. “Prime, this is urgent” Leo said as he sat at the computers at N.E.S.T base.

“We had barely any Decepticon attacks in the last few yet last night a large Decepticon managed to take down one of our Space Shuttles and steal something very valuable from us” Leo said. Prime thought for a second. “What did it take?” He asked. “It appears he may have stolen the remains of one of the Decepticon`s that you defeated last time!” Leo said as he brought up a file on the computer.

“It seems the Decepticon has not been identified however the base says that he was very large and deadly however the base is refusing to say why they had the Decepticon” He pulled up another file. “Apparently it seems that the base was supplying adapted weapons to several renegade army groups. Special Forces, Men in black. You know the drill. Well anyway we believe the Decepticons may be planning something huge”

“I read you” Prime said “They have already attacked us and our base” Leo looked worriedly as he typed on the computer. “Also Sam Witwicky wants to meet you. He said something about dreams” Leo rolled his eyes. “I will check that out immediately” Prime said “Ready some transportation”

Nemesis Cargo bay, Mars. “Done” Wheeljack exclaimed as he moved away from the corpses of the Constructicons as they began to move. “Yes, I believe you are” Megatron said as he aimed his gun. The side of the cargo bay exploded and pods fell to the ground. They split open revealing the Protoforms which clawed at the air as they slowly died. “Miss me” Punch said as he fired.
Wheeljack dodged and rolled round firing at Megatron who took the blow and fired his own. Punch dodged as he sliced round and picked up one of the Protoforms swinging it at Shockwave who collapsed crushing Megatron under him. “Get them Soundwave” Megatron yelled.

Punch jetted off as he propelled himself into space dragging Wheeljack behind him. Soundwave followed firing desperately as they sped away. They reached Earth orbit. Punch sped in. Flames shot around them as they sped into the Earth’s atmosphere and down to the waiting ground below.

Soundwave stopped in orbit “Laserbeak eject, monitor the Autobots” he said and smiled as his chest opened. Small tentacles turned slightly like a spring compressing then they expanded shooting out a small object. The object fell into orbit falling faster and faster. Flames dashed the outer shell as the object fell. It transformed in orbit and swooped lower.

Its sensors scanned every signal as it homed in on its prey. Optimus Prime. It swooped above even as Optimus transformed and headed off to find Sam. His Optical receptors took in all the detail and transmitted it not only to Soundwave but to Megatron as well. Megatron smiled as an image of Prime appeared on the screen. “Soon” He said “Soon will be the end” Megatron smiled as the Constructicons behind him laughed maniacally as Megatron turned to look at the object that resurrected them and his encased Protoform army .

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