Sunday, 5 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 7

Scene 7 of my Adaption. As the strands begin to draw together the story intensifies.

Scene 7:
Mars, Nemisis holding cell. Wheeljack awoke with a taste of dust in his mouth. His other senses were numbed as the pain of his injuries overcame him again and he drifted out of consciousness. He woke a few hours later to the sound of screaming. He looked out through the bars. In an area he could only describe as the ships Medical bay there was a ton of strange pods hanging from the walls and ceilings. A corpse lay across the table. Devastators corpse, separated into each of the individual Constructicons.

He looked over to the gantry and saw a gruesome sight. Soundwave smiled as Shockwave powered up his blaster and left it so its heat melted the armour of the Autobot currently chained to the wall, Ratchet. “We can tear you limb from limb Autobot” Shockwave sneered. “Enough” Megatron said “Bring him out” Astrotrain landed and sliced at the bars which fell apart in a swift clash of metal.

“You will never win Decepticons” Wheeljack screeched as Astrotrain wrenched him out of his cell. “Oh but we have, almost” Megatron smiled. “Build us the machine that you made to resurrect your friend or this other friend” He gestured to Ratchet “Will be no longer a friend to anything” Megatron pointed his new arm at Ratchet. The arm extended into a cannon.
Wheeljack gulped “I`ll do it” He breathed slowly. “Don’t help them” Ratchet screamed.

Shockwave fired. The blast erupted out of his gun firing with a thin black smoke trailing behind. The shot hit. “Ratchet. No!” Wheeljack screamed. “Now we can begin” Megatron smiled. Wheeljack clenched his fist. The smoke cleared and Ratchet looked out. Wheeljack looked back. Ratchets face had melted in the heat of the explosion and his now melted arm lay in a smouldering lump on the metal gantry.

The radio sang out as Born to be Wild shot out from the inbuilt sound system. The road shone in the midday sun. Streaks of dirt flew up off the ground. Wheels churned against the tarmac below. The yellow paint glistened. The Camero spun round a corner. A blue Chevrolet Volt sped behind. “You really shouldn’t attract attention to yourself” Jolt said. Bumblebee turned up the volume as they continued.

They arrived shortly. The song ended. They were at a large warehouse. “You sure this is the place” Jolt said. A shock rocked the building as a Protoform crashed into the ground in front of them sending Bumblebee flying in the air. He transformed in mid air and landed. He skidded and grabbed a Lamppost swinging it round and hitting the Protoform as it transformed and attacked.
“This Seeker is mine Autobot” the Decepticon Protoform screamed. “Not today” Jolt said as he lashed out with his whips. The bot dodged and the whips sliced through the air. “Missed” the Protoform shouted. Bumblebee spun round and fired. The Protoform wheeled round as the blast hit him. He jumped upwards and landed on the roof of the warehouse and started to run.

Jolt went to follow. Bumblebee stopped him “Let him go, we have work to do” Jolt nodded. They entered the warehouse. Boxes were stacked high on all sides dividing the building into segments. Inside were cars. There were hundreds stretched along the wide opens space of the warehouse. Jolt signalled and Bumblebee nodded in response as they split up and went down separate aisles. After a few minutes of searching they found what they were looking for.

Mars, Outside the Nemisis. Punch looked out over the surface of Mars. He had managed to persuade Perceptor to open another space bridge. His only hope now was that Ultra Magnus didn’t find out. He stared into out at the Decepticon warship.

Mars, Inside the Nemisis. “I can’t do it I won’t” Wheeljack said. “Fair enough” Megatron said. He turned and fired. The blast erupted with a force which could shatter audio receptors. It drowned out the scream of the Autobot who met its fury. Only a few lines seemed to reach his comrade “It wasn’t your fault”

Wheeljack collapsed to the ground as he stared up at Megatron then over to his comrade Ratchet who now lay collapsed on the ground. Megatron smiled “Now it’s your turn. Build me the device or die!”

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