Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 6

Scene 6 and the action is beginning to intensify. Hope you enjoy my Adaption and continue reading.

Scene 6:
A horn blared loudly. Prime smiled “I don’t!” A Car Carrier Truck was moving up the road. It sped up and skidded as its cars flew off hitting Thundercracker and barely missing a teleporting Skywarp. Starscream sliced out as the truck transformed revealing Ultra Magnus. He spun round and sliced at Starscream who deflected but soon found himself under the edge of the blade.

“You may have won this fight Autobots but I will return” Starscream yelled as he flew upwards and out of sight. Thundercracker followed with Skywarp teleporting away behind them. Ultra Magnus turned and looked at Optimus. “Now Optimus Prime there is some grave news we have to discuss” Optimus nodded even though he was not prepared for what Ultra Magnus had to say.
“We`re leaving Earth” Ultra Magnus said. Prime looked shocked “We swore to protect the humans after our war came to this planet, the Decepticons are still out there” Ultra Magnus turned slightly as Ratchet repaired Blurr`s leg. “That is why I am your replacement!”

“My replacement?” Prime stammered. Ultra Magnus nodded. “It is the opinion of the Autobot Resistance council that you are not fit to lead. Therefore you must be removed from active duty as commander of the Autobots” Magnus replied. “You’re a good Leader Prime but you can’t stop them all, not here” Magnus continued. “So your answer is to run and let this planet fend for itself against an enemy it cannot possibly defeat?” Optimus asked. “We will give them a fighting a chance. If we are far away we can remove some of the fire from earth and its inhabitance”

Prime turned away, looking down. “When is this effective” he asked. “The Council finished deliberating a few days ago. Its effective immediately” Magnus replied, Prime nodded. “So be it” Ultra Magnus turned “I will inform the rest of the Autobots” Ultra Magnus said as he strode off towards them.

Nemesis cargo bay, Mars. “I have returned Megatron. It was like you said. Starscream is plotting against you” Astrotrain said as he landed in his Space shuttle form. “He is tough but not smart enough to be worried about. His arrogance will be the end of him. He is of no concern. Did you bring them?” Astrotrain nodded in reply. He transformed and the Constructicons filled out slowly as the gas swirled around and inside them. “They still need a spark though otherwise they are useless acting alone” Astrotrain said. Megatron smiled “I can arrange something like that”

Autobot Base, Location Classified. “So who is this guy, Prime?” Ironhide asked as he walked through the gantry next to Optimus. “He is Ultra Magnus. Leader of the Autobot Resistance” Prime said. “I thought we were the resistance?” Ironhide replied. They walked turned a corner and walked into a passageway constructed with rocks made from solid Iron.

“Ratchet pass the Ion defibrillator, Mind those cables” Wheeljack said as he spun round and grabbed a Screw Driver and began working on a small round object held by several cables above Wheelies body. The object glowed a light blue. “How`s he doing” Prime asked. “I`m fine” Wheeljack replied. “I meant how is your patient” Prime sighed.

“Oh him” Wheeljack said. Blurr shot past and stood to attention in the corner as Ultra Magnus came into the room. “He`s dead. But don’t worry. Why don’t you all gather round?” Wheeljack sighed. Prime looked down sadly. “Now let us begin” Wheeljack said. Ratchet attatched several cables and the object hummed into life. The blue light glowed brighter and brighter as it engulfed the Autobots corpse.

Then as quickly as it had appeared it faded away. Nothing. “Just wait, wait” Wheeljack said as he looked over to the monitor. The monitor flashed up and a single line pulsed up and down. “He`s alive” Ultra Magnus exclaimed as he rushed over to a gasping Wheelie. “In my day that would have been considered an act of fate” Kup said as he stood at the door. “It is my friend. It is” Prowl said placing a hand on Kups shoulder.

“What happened?” Wheelie said with alarm surrounded by the other Autobots. “I was after this huge thing then everything went blank” He shrugged. Optimus looked at Wheeljack sternly “What is this thing?” He asked. Wheeljack shrugged “After fixing Ratchet I manage to attach a few left over pieces radiation with a few human devices. Quite easy to work it just siphons nearby energy and uses it to power the machine”

“I want it destroyed” Optimus said. The rest of the Autobots looked at Optimus. “This machine could help us win this war Optimus” Ultra Magnus said. “Yeah without it we are all going to die. What happens then? We stay dead!” Blurr said. “It’s too dangerous to use this machine if the Decepticons gained control of it then this war would be over” As if to answer Optimus`s fears the roof above him exploded.

Even under the surveillance and protection of N.E.S.T. and the Autobots it seemed it still wasn’t safe anywhere on Earth. The explosion sent the roof collapsing in a violent quake as Astrotrain and Shockwave landed. Shockwave tore open the roof. Prime managed to stand up and quickly grabbed the circular object. “You will not lay your hands on this today Decepticons” Optimus said as the Decepticons moved forward.

“Foolish Autobot, Why do we need the creation when we can have its creator?” Shockwave fired and sent Optimus flying backwards the object flew out of his hand. Astrotrain crushed it into the ground. Ratchet moaned. His arm, only just repaired from the last battle, lay crushed under the rubble. Shockwave looked around.

“You two are coming with us” Shockwave said as he and Astrotrain moved through the rubble. Astrotrain picked up both Ratchet and Wheeljack. “You lose Autobots, the end has come” Shockwave yelled. Astrotrain fired his boosters as his robot mode slowly lifted higher.

“Not today Decepticons” Ultra Magnus said lifting off the collapsed roof he had been under. He jumped grabbing onto Astrotrains leg and clawing his way up. Shockwave spotted him and fired sending the Autobots new leader collapsing to the ground below as Shockwave and Astrotrain jetted off into the air!

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