Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 5

Here is scene 5 of my Adaption.

Scene 5
Pluto, cold and dark. “Of all the planets in this solar system and you pick the coldest, I thought a triumphant warrior deserved a better welcome?” Astrotrain said as he landed. Starscream looked at him. “Leaving you online should be welcome enough, have you got him?” Starscream said as Atrotrain opened the shuttle doors. “Of course I have him” Astrotrain said. Inside the shuttle the gas vapour moved into the Constructicons. “I trust you kept your end of the deal” Astrotrain asked as the Constructicons rose up and prepared to take fighting positions.

“Oh you mean the part about letting you live” Starscream smiled as Thundercracker and Skywarp rose up behind him. “I`m afraid I forgot about that, now attack” Starscream said lunging forward. Astrotrain transformed as the Constructicons jumped out and pinned down Thundercracker and Skywarp. “You should know Starscream, you can’t betray Megatron and expect to live long” Astrotrain said as he smashed Starscream into the ice.

“Then again, it wasn’t just me who betrayed him” Starscream said as behind Astrotrain four more Decepticon protoforms appeared. Astrotrain blasted one into pieces and crushed the others into the ice as well. “You are lucky Megatron doesn’t care about your insolence otherwise I would crush you right now” Astrotrain said transforming. The Contructicons returned to Astrotrain as he sped off into the sky. “Lord Starscream, what do we do next?” Thundercracker said wrenching out his arm from the thick ice.

“Next we head to Earth it is time we paid the Humans a visit, contact the troops make sure they are ready” Starscream said as he walked away and transformed. Skywarp followed with Thundercracker behind.

El Paso, Texas. Prime rolled up the road behind him Sideswipe, Ironhide and Ratchet. Inside Ratchet a small Medic bay with equipment and various items was being manoeuvred by two miniature hands which snaked round as they operated on Wheelie. A pulse monitor on the side indicated that there was only a little life left. Optimus quickly checked the road “Have we received any news on the Twins location yet” he said. Ironhide responded “No information yet the last report was somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean however there is still no word if they have discovered the Seeker yet?”

“What about Bumblebee” Prime asked. “After the first few Seekers turned out to be Decepticons he has been rather downhearted with the mission. It didn’t help that you sent him halfway round the world and back again to find them” Ironhide grumbled. “He is somewhere at an army base” Ratchet said. “Well I suppose we had better get back to base” Prime said.

The road in front of them warped and cracked. Prime skidded to a halt as a portal flashed into life before him as he transformed. The portal flickered as Prowl jumped through crouching as he landed. Then he quietly stepped to one side. “Who are you?” Ironhide said transforming into his robot form. Prowl merely signalled and said “I’d move if I were you”

Blurr shot out of the portal running into Ironhide and sending both of the spiralling backwards into the car lot. “Insolent little immature . . .” Ironhide said. Blurr cut him off “Terribly sorry, dreadfully sorry, I can help you. Please don’t hurt me, just don’t hurt me” Blurr said quickly fixing Ironhides bumper which has been thrown off in the incident. Prime looked round then turned back to the portal.

Punch jumped out quickly scanning a broken down Black Pontiac Fiero. He transformed in mid air and landed in vehicle mode skidding to a halt. He transformed “Optimus there was a situation on Cybertron. The Decepticon`s they attacked HQ, Killed Trailbreaker” Punch said. Prime looked down sadly. “He was a good warrior he will be missed”

Perceptor fell out the portal and landed on the ground in a crouching position. He staggered forwards. “So what happened?” Prime asked as Perceptor scanned a nearby MARS-V Reconnaissance vehicle. “We were ambushed, the Decepticons” Prime looked sternly. “Was Megatron with them?” he asked. “No. It seems that the Decepticons are in different groups now, one group is led by Megatron while the other is led by . . .” Perceptor stopped. “Starscream!” Ironhide shouted.

Bullets smashed into the ground slicing through the pavement and sending chunks of debris into the air. “Skywarp, Thundercracker. My Seekers, attack!” Starscream screamed transforming and firing missiles. Carnage rained about them as cars were flipped into the air. Ironhide fired and dodged as Thundercracker unleashed a hail of machine gun fire. Skywarp circled round taking Kup off guard sending him flying backwards.

“Perceptor, get Kup to safety” Prime shouted as he and Ratchet took into battle against Starscream. Perceptor nodded and went off to help Kup. “I knew we were going to die, I told you and you didn’t listen. I told you!” Blurr screamed as he hid behind an overturned car. “I knew you Autobots were cowards but you are over the top. Although I suppose killing a coward is better than killing nothing at all” Skywarp said landing and pinning down Blurr.

“You shouldn’t underestimate opponents, not at all. Never” Blurr said as he rapidly punched Skywarp in the chest. Skywarp pinned him down as Blurr struggled beneath him. “I don’t underestimate anything. I plan for every scenario” Skywarp said. “Including this one then” Blurr said as a Punch slid round and sliced off Skywarps wings. Skywarp screamed and rose up. “Wretched Autobot” He screamed.

Skywarp teleported and landed next to Ratchet slicing off his cutting arm. The Autobots attacked quickly as they fought against all three of the flying Decepticons. “You barely defeated Megatron, Prime. How do you expect to defeat me?” Starscream said as he pinned Optimus down. To his right Skywarp and Thundercracker has subdued Ironhide and Ratchet. Prowl was on his knees as Skywarp aimed his missile. Blurr was in a corner his leg crushed under a car. Punch was on the ground covered in a thin layer of earth. Starscream smiled and aimed for the killing blow.

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