Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 4

This is Scene 4 of my Adaption. Probably one of my favourite original scene`s to write.

Scene 4:

Earth’s orbit, Space Shuttle Atlantica. “This is Space Shuttle Alantica. We are currently in orbit around Earth. Preparing to make our final approach”

NASA, John F. Kennedy Space Center. John Keller walked up the corridor striding confidently through a swinging double doorway and into the command centre. “Ok I want this done by the book, simple re-entry nothing fancy” A man said as he walked over to the monitors. A woman came in carrying a bunch of notes “Sir we have Intel on a possible incoming object”

“Is it them?” Keller asked, moving in and collecting the documents. “We can’t be sure, but whatever it is it is fast and heading straight to the shuttle” Keller looked solemnly and pressed on the mike. “The communications down” A technician called from a computer desk.

“What’s that?” One of the astronauts somersaulted and pointed out a window. A blinding flash of blue lights shone out at the space shuttle. “It’s coming this way” The other astronaut said in alarm. The object smashed through the shuttle rupturing the compacted air sucking the entire cargo of the ship out into space.

“The space shuttles down. I repeat space shuttle Atlantica is down” The technician screamed out as an EMP pulse shook the building. The computer screens went dead. A sonic burst erupted and the wall blasted apart. Outside Astrotrain fired at a local building it erupted into flame. He transformed into an exact replica of the Space shuttle and sped off.

“What’s our status?” Keller asked as he surveyed the destruction through the now opened wall. “All systems down, sir. He`s crippled us” A technician said pulling himself out of the rubble. “Can we contact anyone” Keller asked. The technician looked down “All our systems are down”

Mountain region, Somewhere near Area 51. Astrotrain transformed and skidded down the slopes. He stopped and transformed into his vehicle mode releasing a small green ooze. The ooze vaporized and sprayed through the air. A watchmen dressed in a full body suit was guarding the entrance to a bunker. The green gas flowed through the air and circled the human. The watchman yawned. The gas was sucked in.

The watchman convulsed. His metal suit constricted and closed tighter around him. The gas spread through his body, its magnetic powers pulling the suit closer. The man let out a stifled scream as the bullets in his pockets were stretched into sharp points which penetrated his body. The man collapsed. The gas oozed round his body seeping into each piece of him and expanding. The gas slimed into the metal and expanded.

The metal under his army jacket rippled and attached to the rest of the metal around it creating a thin metal suit. The robotic corpse rose slowly. Each step seemed stiff yet it immediately learnt and grew accustomed to this new way of moving. The corpse walked towards the bunker door and lent towards the scanner. The scanner registered the ID and Profiles of the staff. It clicked open. The corpse smiled however this was only the first of its tasks.

Second task was the scanners a simple test to determine whether the staff were a robot in disguise. It was easy to avoid as the corpse simply moved as normal. The third task however was harder, a heat scanner with sensitive laser sabot rounds positioned in holes in the walls. Inside the heart a thin tentacle moved up and electro shocked the heart into life. The watchmen was alive again if only for a second as the ooze evaded its third and final task and the watchmen was returned once again to eternal sleep.

The three main bulkhead doors opened easily each were programmed by the systems computer and were only watched by a few guards. The corpse moved onwards into a large room. Inside Devastators remains lay in pieces behind a laser force field. The corpse reached out its hand and pulled it back as it triggered an alarm. Soon the whole place would be on high alert. The bulkhead door opened revealing two men in metal suits holding EMP guns.

The corpse smiled and opened its mouth as the green gas pulsed out. The soldiers opened fire. The corpse collapses to the ground as the gas flowed into the walls. The soldiers look at the walls scanning for any sign of movement. The roof above them flexes then bulges down and crushes them. The gas seeps out of the roof and through the laser field. The gas separates and flows into the separate pieces of Devastator which then begin to move and slot together. Devastators unattached head flickers into life.

The bunker roof exploded as Devastators clawed his way out. He turned and sucked up the dirt creating a thick black smog which covered the area as his parts separated into their individual constructicons and slowly moved into the back of Astrotrain. Once inside the gas left them returning to Astrotrain who jetted off out of the black smoke even as more N.E.S.T. reinforcements began to arrive.

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