Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 3

The third scene of my Adaption. Enjoy :)

Scene 3
Nemesis crash site, Mars. Shockwave transformed an epic free fall from orbit as he slammed into the ground ripples of dust erupted from every crack. The cold atmosphere made Shockwave shiver but he moved onwards. It had been a long time since he had met his master, Megatron.

He sliced open a metal wall and clawed his way inside. His single yellow eye scanned the surroundings. Pods lined the walls and floors. “Did you acquire what I asked?” Megatron`s voice echoed through the ship. Shockwave went down on one knee. “Yes my liege” Shockwave said. “Bring it to me” Megatrons voice said.

Shockwave rose and jumped up stealthily to the gantry Megatron was standing on. He opened his chest and produced a tiny box. He carefully closed his chest and passed Megatron the box. Megatron carefully checked it. “You have served me well Shockwave” Megatron said. “Soundwave” Megatron yelled. Soundwave dropped down from the ceiling.

“Soundwave, unscramble the combination matrix and open the device” Megatron looked round. “As you command, Megatron” Soundwave took the device and aimed his weapon. A sonic burst emmited from it. Sound energy resonated through the device and the harmonies unlocked a code kept locked for millenniums. Megatron lifted his hand and Soundwave stopped and handed the box back to Megatron. “Now it begins” Megatron smiled. Inside the box a black portal spun silently waiting to be used.

Earth, Sam and Mikela`s house. The radio flipped on. The song “Plain White - T`s 1234” played. Mikela flipped open a bottle of wine and poured it into two glasses. Sam walked into the kitchen. “You don’t have to treat me” He said. She smiled “I`m not” She quickly drank one of the glass then contemplated giving him the other.

He smiled. She put down the glass and the two shared a passionate kiss. They broke off the kiss. Sam picked up the glass. “Got it” he said. Mikela smiled sweetly.
Sam walked over and lay on the couch. Mikela smiled and waved “goodnight” she said as she walked up the stairs. Sam rolled over.

The ground shook, the windows exploded. Fire sped across the floor. The smoke alarm went off. Sam turned they were coming from every angle. Decepticon`s large, fast and evil. Strange symbols swirled in front of him, flashes of light, devil horns and a populated planet with every citizen screaming. Then he found himself there, lost amongst the crowd.

The crowd wasn’t normal either. Their faces and voices changed instantaneously. Some were human then melded into a robot. Others were simply black shapes devoid of any noticeable physical form. He felt himself being pulled upwards and looked up to see the huge horns piercing through the cloud line. He ran but his feet couldn’t carry him fast enough.

There was an immense sound. All around him buildings were lifting high up disappearing through the clouds. Screams of citizens as their children were lifted into the air and disappears in the now reddish. The horns pierced the ground. The planet shook he could feel it beneath him as if his very life was somehow entwined with the planets. Then he felt himself grow lighter. Fires were above and below him as he was slowly lifted higher.

He entered the black clouds and fire greeted him. He felt himself being dragged closer and closer, hotter and hotter. A flame erupted in front of him spiralling out of the clouds. He screamed.

Sam jolted up. Mikela was next to him. “What’s wrong, another dream?” she asked. Sam nodded “Even more vivid than before” She looked into his eyes. “You should contact Prime” Mikela said with a sigh. “What, No. It`s just a dream” Sam replied. “Nothing is normal with you Sam, last time you kept those symbols from the Autobots and look where that got you” Mikela worriedly looked at Sam.

“Yeah it got me here with you” Sam said. Mikela smiled and the two kissed again. “I`ll contact N.E.S.T. tomorrow and arrange a meeting with Optimus for now though all I can do is rest” Mikela smiled again and left upstairs as Sam once again struggled as he wrestled with the many problems in his mind.

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