Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 2

Here is the second scene of my Transformers 3 Adaption, be sure to read it and enjoy the refrences to the original series aswell as the films :)

Scene 2:
“Young whippersnapper should learn to watch his back” Kup said. “It reminds me of the rebellion at the Nitith slave mines on Galganas 7” Kup continued. Optimus cut him off with a gesture of his hand. “So what brings you to Earth?” Optimus asked. Kup stared at his surroundings as if he had only just noticed them. “Ultra Magnus is coming. He said to prepare for his arrival” Kup leaned closer. “He has important information” Kup leaned back and returned to examining the wall.

Prime sighed. Ultra Magnus had always been a good leader but he was a tough leader preferring everything to be done by the book not the way it be suited the situation. “Prime we got to go” Ironhide said as news helicopters began to fly low towards the building. Prime sighed again. If there was one thing he hated more than Decepticons it was reporters. “Autobots, Transform and roll out” Optimus said transforming back into his truck form in a swift move of gears and circuitry.

A searchlight danced over the building and Kup realised he was not supposed to be there. He looked around and spotted a vehicle quickly scanning the blue 1948 international harvester KB-2 pickup truck. He transformed. The engine stuttered and a black smoke came out as he slowly made his way following the others.

Tyger Pax, Autobot resistance headquarters. “Oh what do we do, we can’t wait for him forever, what if something happened” Blurr said quickly. Blurr looked over at the other members of the council. Ultra Magnus was consulting a battle chart. He seemed unusually quiet. Prowl looked over to Blur. “We can’t do anything until Punch returns” Prowl sighed. Blurr continued “There’s nothing we can do, absolutely nothing. He`s dead. Isn’t he? Isn’t he dead” Blurr walked up and down the entire base which for him took a few seconds.

“Incoming radio signal from sector G” Perceptor swirled round from the consol he had been monitoring. Magnus turned towards him “Get a video uplink Perceptor” Perceptor nodded and began sending data streams through the consol. The video screen flickered. Trailbreaker lent closer to the screen. “Trailbreaker reporting” Trailbreaker spoke from the other end of the video link.

Perceptor looked at the monitor. Blurr sped up and stared over his shoulder. “Are you alright? Are you okay? Are the decepticons there? Have you seen them?” Blurr spoke quickly. “Decepticons squadron coming they seem to be attacking” Trailbreaker spoke. Behind him the roof collapsed as Skywarp and Thundercracker dropped down and attacked. Sunstorm smashed through a side panel and fired at Trailbreaker who dodged the attack firing his own missile which blew the Decepticon apart.

“Go, get help” Trailbreaker screamed out as the Decepticons tore him to pieces. Skywarp leaned towards the monitor and the screen went black. The doors creaked as a robot forced his way in. The Autobots immediately took up fighting positions. Ultra Magnus aimed his cannon and inched forward “Hold it, hold it” he said. The door opened. Counterpunch walked in quickly unmasking showing his Autobot form Punch.

“We have to go” Punch said to the Autobots. “Why what’s happened? Tell us” Blurr sped round and quickly rebuilt the door with pieces of metal. “No time to explain, Perceptor fire up the spacebridge” Perceptor rushed over to the console and quickly typed in a random series of codes. “Where’s the course to?” Counterpunch looked over “Set course for Earth”

The roof tore open. Swarms of Decepticons flooded the base. “We need to move now, come on” Prowl said. His calm tone of voice seemed lost in the chaos. Magnus fired at the Decepticons, He hit two in the chest. Two protoforms fell through the roof lying dead on the floor. “And we’re done” Perceptor typed in the last code.

A vortex appeared spinning round in a seemingly perpetual motion. “Prowl you go first” Magnus said, fighting another protoform. Prowl quickly, but calmly, walked through the portal. “What about me Magnus, What about me” Blurr said franticly, slicing four Decepticons in the chest in nanoseconds. “Blurr you take Punch and Perceptor” Magnus replied smashing a nearby robot into the ground.

“Why do you always pick me, I can’t do this” Blurr said worriedly. Magnus fired and destroyed another Decepticon. “Go I’ll hold them off” Magnus said. Blurr sped quickly through the Spacebridge. Punch looked round and wrestled a Decepticon then followed Blurr into the portal. Perceptor wavered on the edge. “Are you coming sir” Perceptor asked. Magnus looked solemn. Perceptor jumped through the portal.

Magnus sliced round again picked up a monitor and smashed it into a Decepticon. He quickly rushed to the portal and stood near it as it shimmered behind him. He aimed at the console and fired whilst jumping backwards into the portal. The console was obliterated in a flash of sparks and the room exploded in a massive fireball. The portal closed instantly.

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