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Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 13

The 13th and final of my currently completed section of my Transformers 3 Adaption. Future scene`s will be uploaded when completed.

Scene 13:
High above New York Megatron continued his dog fight with Starscream. A battle had unfolded instantly between the two leaders. Tension had been high between them for many centuries but now it was unleashed.

Starscream transformed and flipped in the air firing with his rockets. Megatron casually dodged them and attacked again smashing Starscream into the hotel. Panicked civilians ran for cover as Starscream lifted himself up and sliced out with a clawed hand. “You are a fool Starscream, you will never lead the Decepticons” Megatron growled. “Is that so?” Starscream laughed.

“Decepticons now is the time, attack!” Megatron screamed out as Starscream stabbed him with a steel pole.

At once there was screaming as portals began appearing all over the streets. Megatron laughed manically as his minions poured out of them. Protoforms flooded the streets. There were hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions. There were flyers as well soaring up high. “Is that all you have?” Starscreamed asked. The sky grew dark as Starscreams army began its attack. The battle began a fierce mess of death and fire.

Ironhide lunged to his right and fired at Shockwave who took the hit and fired with his own blaster. The two moved round each other like wrestlers taunting each other before a fight. Shockwave lunged forward. Ironhide grabbed him and swung him round throwing him towards the rest of Megatrons troops.

Shockwaves body crushed several protoforms. Above him the helicopter robot jumped grabbing onto a wall. Its hand decorated with its name “Tailwhip” Tailwhip jumped down landing next to Ironhide. The two had fought in combat before side by side at the fall of the spear. They had won that battle they were going to win this.

Soundwave charged his energy. His hands buzzed an electric blue as his sliced forward cutting into Bumblebee`s armour piercing his spark. Bumblebee collapsed to the ground, energon leaking from his chest as his body began the long process of repairs and Shockwave moved for the killing blow.

Sam was already on the fifth floor. Laserbeak stirred from his immobile state on near the window he had crashed through. His wings bent limply and his eyes smouldered. Inside his vast network of cables and wires that controlled his optics tiny little machines set about repairing his optical sensors.

Barricade stirred slightly. His body was sparking surging with electricity. He screamed and the windows around him shivered and exploded away from him. He stood up still angry with his defeat. He spotted the human he had seen before, Mikela. He growled angrily and leapt forwards like some kind of robotic dog, hands clawing at the ground forcing him forwards.

Mikela was ready for this swinging the metal pole slamming into barricades chest. Cables tore, wires sparked as Mikela pulled the pole twisting it round. It tugged at the ancient robots insides ripping his spark in two.

Barricades eyes slowly grew darker as his other hand moved round in a stabbing motion towards her chest, a blade slowly moving out from it. As his last bit of Energon trickled from his system, Barricade smiled as the human in front of him collapsed and lay in a pool of red.

Through the streets and cities Megatron`s forced attacked Starscream`s in an epic battle in order to defeat the Autobots and each other. Chaos reigned through the streets. Protoform soldiers transformed into their comet like entry modes destroying many buildings. Civilians running beneath soon found themselves cut off and at the mercy of the Decepticons.

Tailwhip moved forward intercepting Shockwave with a blast of air followed by his fist knocking the large robot backwards. Ironhide was ready for this. He wanted to get revenge for Bumblebee. He raised his arms and fired his twin cannons. The force of the explosion tore through Shockwaves body tearing at him his spark immediately shown for a brief second. Then he disappeared using the power of Megatrons teleporting device.

A huge portal appeared above the centre of New York. Around Ironhide the remaining humans fell to their knees as if hell itself was about to descend into the streets of New York. As Devastators large colossal body faded into view Ironhide reloaded his weapons. Tailwhip nodded in agreement and glared upwards at the gigantic robot he was about to battle.

The ground shook beneath Devastator as he walked. Small tremors made several buildings shake. Beneath Devastator were the remains of several of Starscreams troops who Devastator had crushed beneath him when he materialised. The gas that had brought him back flowed slightly through him. It was this holding him together Ironhide realised. It would take more than just dismembering a limb to bring this Decepticon down this time.

Sam collapsed on the stairs as the tremor hit the building he couldn’t see outside the windows the sky was still dark with Protoform soldiers battling each other. Behind him he heard a noise and instinctively turned around coming face to face with Laserbeak. His optics had not fully repaired yet he was still dangerous. The bird like transformer squawked loudly sounding more like a metallic car alarm than anything bird like. Sam picked himself up and ran up the stairs faster as Laserbeak shot forward like a rocket missing Sam completely and smashing through the stairs.

Megatron pulled the pole from his chest spinning it round into Starscream he had had enough of Starscream his disobedience was matched only by his stupidity. “Devastator attack” Megatron growled loudly. Devastator obeyed moving forward pushing over or crushing many surrounding buildings. A Megatron loyalist screamed slightly as Devastator turned him into mush under the immense weight of the colossus.

Starscream flew up slightly pulling the pole away and spinning it round deflecting two missiles sent from Devastators missile launchers of his back. The third hit him in the chest. Megatron signalled and Devastator raised his right arm firing long cables at Starscream which caught him tightly even as he struggled pulling him and stretching him on the top of Devastators right arm.
Megatron jumped down eagerly landing on Starscreams legs crushing one. Starscream was held stiff by several hooks his eyes were frantic. Megatron glared menacingly as his right arm began to shift into a plasma cannon. “Fun`s over Starscream” Starscreams horrified face suddenly became rigid. Megatron turned slightly.

The blast took him by surprising sending him smashing into Devastators other arm. Megatron turned scowling. Starscream looked thankfully up at his unlikely savoir, Ultra Magnus. “Give up now Megatron while I still have the will to let you live” Ultra Magnus said landing slowly on Starscreams chest crushing him even more against Devastator.

Above them the N.E.S.T. plane which had brought them there realised the rest of its cargo. “Not this dude again” Skids said annoyingly as he hovered down the parachute lowering him head first. “Get a grip yawl” Mudflap said slapping his brother in mid air. His arm missed cutting his brothers parachute. Skids fell quickly grabbing onto his brothers foot. The twins sped rapidly to the ground crashing into an empty school bus.

Wheelie scurried along the ground his wheeled feet causing him much difficulty as he climbed through the wreckage of the New York street. Around him Deception’s seemed to be fighting everything around them. The fight between Megatron and Starscream loyalists was coming to an end. Both sides now seemed to be fighting the human forces. Fires burnt their way through the streets any remaining humans left in the Decepticons path were dealt with quickly.

Sam stumbled upwards slowing to watch the helpless Decepticon Laserbeak struggle in the wreck. Noticing a fire extinguisher Sam quickly dealt with the Decepticon, first spraying it with foam then severing its head and wing with several blows to the joints. He grabbed Laserbeak`s severed wing and continued onwards.

For the briefest of seconds the world around Sam became utterly quiet time began to slow. He tripped on the stairs falling backwards landing on top of Laserbeaks motionless body. His mind raced with the thoughts of another. Not another human, instead something alien, dark and silent drifting through space. Sam didn’t notice as the two Cybertronian jets flew past or as the three new larger protoforms crashed into the ground outside the skyscraper and began joining together to form the Decepticon known as Bruticus.

Outside Devastator noticed the presence of this new colossus immediately and turned his head firing his rockets and weapons at this new robotic giant. The shock of the appearance of this new Decepticon had took Ultra Magnus ofgaurd and Starscream immediately used this to his advantage slicing through the hooks that kept him attached to Devastators arm. Starscream kicked out with his feet slicing into Ultra Magnus`s chest sending the Autobot leader flying backwards.

Ultra Magnus turned in mid air spinning round and grabbing onto one of Devastators severed grappling hooks. Megatron lunged forward slamming into Starscream and distracting him long enough for Ultra Magnus to pull himself up. Megatron lashed out in all directions. Starscream took advantage of this adjusting his right arm into a Null-ray. Starscream smiled at the result as it temporarily paralysed Megatron. Or so it seemed.

Megatron pushed off from the ground immediately his jets kicked into action and he grabbed Starscream by the throat. The two Decepticon leaders battled once again in the sky. Beneath Ultra Magnus found himself under siege from both Devastator and his fellow Autobots as Ironhides cannon blasts slammed into Devastator sending fragments of him flying down beneath.

Wheelie dodged this flying debris with a relative ease as he hurtled faster towards the human called Mikela. He didn’t know if she was hurt or not be he would protect her forever. She had been the one who had helped him even through the pain of losing an eye. In memory of this he gently lifted a clawed hand and tapped his eye.

Bruticus made the first attack hitting into Devastator sending the giant gestalt backwards. Devastators grindor vortex was little effect against this new combiner. Bruticus spun round slicing at Devastator severing his arm.

Ultra Magnus held tight to the grappling hook as Devastators right arm collapsed falling to the ground. Tailwhip flew above the carnage surveying the scene. There was no way to stop these two gestalts that he was certain of. This was a fight with only one outcome, the complete destruction of one of these robots.

Devastator fell forwards unable to support his weight with only three working limbs. He crashed into Bruticus the combined weight of the two Decepticons sending them both falling towards the Sky Scraper. Inside the Sky Scraper Sam lifted himself up. He understood now. Everything was falling into place, His visions the reason why he seemed to be connected with the history of the Autobots and Decepticons, the strange dreams he had had.

Sam turned slowly his smile fading as Bruticus`s large body fell smashing into the glass of the Sky scraper. A perfect cut through the roof of the building.

Below them Soundwave clasped his hands again releasing another sonic blast hitting Bumblebee in the chest. Bumblebee collapsed backwards seemingly giving up as he watched the Sky Scraper his only companion Sam witwicky was in slowly start to collapse.

Wheelie staggered forwards collapsing down next to Mikela. Her body was limp. Blood surrounded what was in theory a complete body. He leaned forward listening to her chest. No heartbeat. He collapsed down next to her. He had promised to look after her. Now she was dead.

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