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Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 12

The plot tightens in my Adaption.

Scene 12
“That was risky” Shockwave said as he moved his hands above Megatron. Beneath his hands sound pulsed and the body of Megatron shifted as it repaired itself. Soundwave lifted the matrix from a metallic slab and began to move towards a large metallic object coming at a slant out of one of the supporting pillars. A voice stopped him. “This is my job, Soundwave” Soundwave bowed down even without turning he could feel Megatrons presence.

“I was only waiting for you my liege” Soundwave said as Megatron rose from the table. He moved forwards his body still repairing from the battle with Optimus. Soundwave passed him the matrix. Megatron walked forwards “Even you Prime couldn’t stop me” He laughed maniacally as he slammed the matrix into the metal.

Around him millions of Decepticon protoforms rose from there slumber for the first time in thousands of years. They clawed and sliced at their pods. Some managed to release themselves. They were hovering in the air and crawling on the ground. Megatron smiled. The Fallen`s army was awake!

Soundwave turned to a monitor and began to hack into the satellite network. An image of Sam Witwicky fuzzed into view. A direct transmission from Soundwave`s minion, Laserbeak. “Megatron what should we do about the boy” Megatron turned and glared at him. “What indeed” Megatron said as his left arm shifted into a large plasma cannon and buzzed with power.

Nick Coopers pressed his boot down on the accelerator. They sped off. The lights slowly flashed but no siren. He needed to be quiet on this case. They turned a bend and moved onwards. He swore as he came to stop at some traffic lights. No direct emergency. No need to break the law. The lights changed to green and the traffic moved forwards. He changed lanes and overtook a slow moving pedestrian vehicle.

He pulled up at the bank and quickly exited the car. He ran forwards and grabbed the youth who was already pocketing money from a woman’s handbag. The thief struggled but Nick overpowered him forcing him to the ground. He handcuffed the kid and quickly returned to his car. He pulled the radio and spoke swiftly into it. At that moment he felt himself being pulled as his car moved forwards shifting into a fast gear and speeding off. Nick kicked the ground as his car sped off into the night the radio still in his hand.

Inside the car a mysterious man wearing a moustache tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as the car sped onwards. Suddenly there was a loud bang as the top of the car was penetrated by a round of bullet fire. The gun shots went straight through the top of the car impaling themselves in the driver’s seat. The driver fizzed as his image disappeared.

Suddenly there was a screech of tires as Prowl jumped from the side of a building slamming into the ground. He transformers and went speeding off after Barricade. They turned a sharp bend and Barricade transformed. He pulled his hand and it became a spiked ball mace. He swung it. Prowl transformed and dodged the attack seconds before the mace sliced through the concrete.

Barricade transformed again and sped off. “You can drive Decepticon but you can’t hide!” Prowl said as he shot forwards. With his motorcycle alt mode Prowl easily navigated through the city as Barricade shot forwards. Barricade turned and transformed jumping over a police car. Inside the officer dropped his lunch as Prowl also sailed over above him.

Barricade transformed again and landed on the path he slid round catching the end of a street light. Panicked civilians darted around as the light began to fall. Prowl transformed and slid in catching the Street light and throwing out of the way. He didn’t have time to help the humans. More would be injured if he couldn’t stop Barricade.

Prowl transformed into vehicle mode and continued. He came to a T junction and turned left. The city was bustling. It was a surprise to Prowl. For day dwellers these Humans certainly enjoyed going out at night. He spotted Barricade climbing a building. He quickly drove forward and transformed sending him flying up towards him. Barricade jumped over to the top of the roof and swung with his clawed hands.

The blow hit Prowl in the chest sending him slamming onto the roof. He lifted himself up and counteracted with a sharp kick that punctured Barricades chest. “You can’t run from justice, Decepticon” Prowl said as he attacked with a series of punches. Barricade deflected them. “Too late Autobot!” Barricade said.

His clawed hand reached behind him as he revealed a small round device. He threw it to the ground. A huge explosion ripped through the building. The whole place shook as a red light surrounded Barricade. He looked up as he transmitted a series of codes.

The codes flew across space smashing through the barriers between dimensions and awakened the dark creature that lurked within the other dimension. Once it had been trapped there but now it was awake and it is hungry.

Prowl watched as the red light dissipated as Barricade jumped off the building and disappeared. Prowl looked around him. The carnage from Barricades device has made the buildings weak. Below him cars were overturned. A small fire raged in a local store. He jumped down and began to clear some of the debris.

“Damn robots” A man said as he lobbed a stone at Prowl. “We don’t want any of your kind here” Another guy said clambering out of a car window. “Yeah go back to your own planet” A woman said from a doorway. The crowd continued to gather there were now twenty humans crowded around him. “Please you need to understand” Prowl said. “Oh just shut it?” Another woman said.

A news chopper flew overhead. That was another thing he had done wrong. Now not only did he fail to capture Barricade but he managed to end up on the news. A searchlight flickered over him and he then disappeared into the night.

In the headquarters of N.E.S.T. Leo sat at a desk. Around him was a bank of computers. Each streaming live reports of news events. In this room he could monitor every piece of the news and immediately stop the broadcast or hijack the signal. Leo lent back in the dark blue swivel chair. He picked out a Jelly baby from a small bag and deposited it in his mouth.

He gazed at the room he was in. The walls were covered in monitors all except for two walls. One with a window with a view he was sure was faked and the other wall covered with images of any models Leo might have liked once upon a time.

Suddenly an alarm sounded. Leo jolted up. The packet of jelly babies fell to the floor. He picked up the phone next to him and dialled. “Autobots we have a problem” he said. On the TV monitors a dark haired female report was showing footage from a news helicopter. The video showed Prowl surrounded by wreckage. Many other reports filled the screens. All said the same message “This is our world, not your War!”

Sam unlocked the door and walked inside his and Mikela`s shared house. Mikela wasn’t around so he collapsed on the sofa. He couldn’t believe this. Optimus Prime was injured and now the new leader wanted him gone. The doorbell rang and he rolled onto the floor then stood up and went to the door. He unlocked the door. Mikela was there. She hugged him briefly then moved into the sitting room as someone else came in behind her.

He was wearing black jeans and a dark hooded sweatshirt that was obviously too small for him. The words “Too awesome for words” were written on the front. He walked to Sam and nodded solemnly. Sam looked at him. With his outfit and strange posture Sam almost mistook him for being a random person from the street. However upon closer inspection he discovered the true identity even as he removed his hood. It was agent Simmons.

He walked up to Sam and put his arms around him. Sam wriggled out of his grip. “I don’t need your condolences” Sam turned away. “Consolidating you is not my best act for sure but I bring news from Ultra Magnus” He rolled his eyes at the mention of the name. “From now on you are not allowed near any of the Autobots!”

Sam turned back. “No, it can’t be” Suddenly his eyes glazed over becoming hazy and misty. He struggled to stay upright. He collapsed slamming into Simmons who only just managed to catch him before he too was thrown to the floor. Simmons had already turned Sam over by the time Mikela got into the room and was already checking his pulse.

There was nothing, a black expanse stretching out for miles and miles in every direction. Every once and again he would float to another location however the same blackness remained surrounding him. Sam stretched out an arm to try to slow him or to feel if anything was around him. He leaned forwards too much and did a summersault before he continued.

His world spun around him. Shapes and colours formed out of the darkness. He was in a city. Around him were towers and other large structures. He felt himself get heavier as he came to rest in a lounge containing several computers and a coffee machine. He picked himself up. Around him life was running as normal. A man in a smart tie held the door open for a woman carrying some tea.

He ran up to them. The man closed the door. Sam couldn’t stop himself and braced himself. He slid straight through the wall. It was instantaneous. No breaks no stops. He spotted a lift and went in. There were three others who went in with him. One male worker and two female co-workers. He smiled slightly and was annoyed when none of them responded. He waved at one of them. The man lent forward to press the button and Sam`s hand slid into his face. He pulled his hand out and moved into the corner.

The lift doors closed and they began to go down. They reached the bottom in a few seconds. He quickly exited without waiting for the doors to open. He slid through a filing cabinet and through a pair of double doors and found himself on the street. He turned back. It was a skyscraper. It was higher than the surrounding buildings. The only building that was close to its height was a hotel opposite it. Even that though was dwarfed by the sheer scale of the building.

Sam turned back and continued walking. The ground in front of him exploded sending him flying backwards. He slammed against the front of a parked car and slid down the front. He bit his lip and winced at the pain. Blood trickled slowly from his grazed arm. He ran back inside the building as concrete fell from above him. A car flipped behind him flying high into the air. It exploded showering deadly metal spikes around him.

He ran forward and dodged a car. It spun passed him and flipped slamming into the side of an oncoming truck. Fire engulfed the two vehicles as they slid along the ground back towards Sam. He made it through the doors and quickly ran for the stairs. The woman at the counter was nowhere to be seen. He quickly got to the stairs and began to climb. There was a huge crash behind him as the truck broke through the front of the skyscraper.

The stairs below him began to catch fire as the fire spread up the lower levels. He dodged several men in business suits as they rushed past him with a fire extinguisher. He ran up stairs and continued upwards. He reached the top quickly. He managed to slide through several passages and lifts with ease.

The top of the skyscraper was a large expanse of solid concrete. The door opened outwards and he had to push it twice to unlatch the chain. It came undone and fell to the floor. He pushed the door open and looked out. He stumbled backwards at the sight of what was around him.

The building was still there but it`s surroundings were covered in a thick veil of darkness. He moved onwards. A huge weight slammed into the side of the skyscraper. He felt the world falling around him. He couldn’t hear anything. Screaming and shouting and panic had blotted out all his other thoughts. He felt himself sliding forwards and started to run upwards he slipped grabbing onto an exposed piece of pipe.

The pipe broke and Sam swore as the building collapsed. He felt himself falling faster and faster. He hit the side of the building and bounced off. Pain rippled through his body. He was looking down. The earth was rushing faster towards him.
The world around him spun again. Images flashed before his eyes. A sign saying “New York City” flew by him. Bumblebee spun round and slammed into a pole, clouds of dust blotted the sky. His mind raced. More images shot around him. A screaming child, Flames, Explosions and rippling concrete.

He opened his eyes. Simmons was giving him the kiss of life. He pushed Simmons away and stood up walking towards the door. He grabbed his coat and was out in seconds. Mikela quickly followed. Simmons wiped his mouth and swore. He lifted himself up and strode out the door.

It was late in the morning. It was that time of day when everything seemed to be quiet yet everything was moving. The cars were silently crawling along at the usual New York pace. New York City was a bustling one indeed. A group of business men were moving along passing papers to each other. Sam had to slide out the way of a busload of tourists.

He, Mikela and Simmons had visited Bumblebee just 8 hours earlier. Simmons had suggested that they meet with Ultra Magnus but Sam wasn’t in the mood for another argument. He had managed to get a flight thanks to Simmons’s connections however Bumblebee was still behind him, trying to find an escape from the traffic jams that covered the normally quiet roads.

He hadn’t tried to explain his vision to any of them. He didn’t truly believe it himself. It was mainly a feeling he had. Some burning power inside him. He needed to get to that skyscraper. Something huge was going to happen here and that skyscraper was the key. The centre of the whole thing.

The chamber was a large semi circular room. The roof was made of soil segmented by metal columns. Inside the chamber Prime gazed up stuck in an eternal gaze until the matrix had regenerated enough to support him. Inside his mind lights swirled in a world of blackness. Suddenly his world shook. Everything in his mind changed he was somewhere else. He was surrounded by mud. Dark brown puddles of water. Fallen bodies of both comrades and enemies lay around him. He couldn’t tell which were which. His mind swirled again and his life signs rose then faded again as he returned to a static state.

Sam met up with Bumblebee a few minutes later. Mikela was sitting in the driver’s seat. Simmons was hiding in the back seat afraid he might be noticed by someone. Sam went to get in the passenger seat. Wheelie jumped up and growled. Sam backed off and went to the back and got in. Before Sam could ask why Wheelie was here Bumblebee replied with a quick burst of Beetles “Have a little help from my friends”

A siren wailed behind them. Sam turned round in his seat staring out behind them as Barricade moved forward. Humans moved to the side as Barricade rolled forward. He transformed quickly behind a Taxi sending it flipping into the air. “Drive” Sam and Simmons yelled. Bumblebee sped forwards the traffic in front of them skidding to each of the sides to escape the Decepticon.

Barricade ran faster jumping over a skidding Blue Chevrolet Volt which spun round transforming into the Autobot, Jolt. Jolt lashed upwards with his hands a spinning wire caught Barricade and he spun in a blue electric light crashing down to the ground.

An all out war began to unfold in the city. As Jolt battled Barricade many other Autobot revealed themselves to help. A Channel 4 news helicopter spun through the air and grabbed onto a building to battle a group of 3 transforming Decepticon traffic lights. Sam saw the Skyscraper and pointed out to it as Mikela swiftly manoeuvred Bumblebee through the traffic.

Suddenly the space in front of them swirled into a black vortex as Megatron walked out fully powered with Soundwave and Shockwave at his side. “Decepticons Mobilize” Soundwave said. Bumblebee swerved. Leo and Simmons were screaming both clutching each other as Soundwave let loose with a Sonic EMP Blast. The ground in front of him rippled. Clumps of dust and metal swirled in a deadly spinning circular blast towards them.

Get out Mikela screamed as the occupants of Bumblebee jumped out. Bumblebee quickly transformed as Sam hit the ground. Bumblebee leant forwards using his body as a shield against the flying metal. He staggered a little then shrugged off the metal on him. His visor flipped down. He was ready for a fight.

Sam, Leo, Simmons, Mikela and Wheelie lifted themselves up. Bumblebee had taken the offensive against Soundwave. Behind them Jolt was still battling Barricade along with a group of smaller Frenzy like drones. Simmons and Leo ran over to a nearby telephone and Simmons started to dial. It was dead, along with everything else Human in the vicinity that used electricity in the city.

He and Leo ran back to Sam and Mikela. “It`s no use there all dead. We need to get help you and Sam go to the skyscraper maybe this dream of yours is just a thing but I don’t know” He shrugged and looked around. A loud explosion rippled his hair as a car exploded in the air. Wheelie got up “On it boss dude, Come on warrior princess” He got up grabbing Mikela`s hand and pulling hard. She nodded. Sam began running.

Bumblebee flipped over Soundwave as he unleashed several sonic blasts from his hands. He skidded round in the air and lashed out with his fist slamming onto Soundwaves neck. He grasped hold of him. His legs grabbing round Soundwaves chest.
His hands reached forwards grabbing at Soundwaves visor ripping out his right optic in the process and scarring his face. “Laserbeak operation retrieval” he screeched.

Laserbeak swooped down from above his wings spread out cutting into the glass and bricks of the building sending showers of debris onto the people below. He swooped down and fired a missile from under each wing. They swooped low. Mikela ducked as the missiles flew over her head slamming into a building in front of her.

Sam sprinted forwards as the building collapsed behind him. He turned round looking over the ruins. Mikela and Wheelie stood there looking back at him. They were stuck there. She smiled at him. He nodded and continued.Mikela turned round picking up a piece of metal pipe from the ground and wielding it as a baseball bat. Wheelie did the same with a razor.

Jolt spun round again his whips catching several of the Frenzy drones sending them flying into the air. He jumped up using his hand to push off the ground and kicked the Frenzy drones as they came down. They flew through the air. Barricade dodged them and growled angrily. He ran forwards slicing with both clawed hands. Jolt dodged to his right and grabbed Barricade spinning him round.

Barricade slammed into a shop window sending the small apartment crashing down on top of him. He tried to get up but found himself tangled in a mess of wires. Jolt saw his opportunity and flung out his electric whip, connecting the cables with over 5000 volts. Barricade screamed then went still as his circuits were fried.

“These humans really are pathetic beings” Shockwave said as he blasted several with his laser, scorching the ground as it fired. “Not now Decepticreep” Ironhide said as he revealed himself. “I will enjoy destroying you Autobot” Shockwave said firing. Ironhide fired his pulse cannon. The two blasts hit exploding into a white light. “This is going to be fun” Ironhide said. Shockwave smiled.

The skyscraper was only a short distance away from him. Sam could already make out the people inside the building. What had his vision shown him? Once he was close to the building there would be an explosion. Then what? He had no time to think of an answer as Megatron landed near him opening fire with a blast from his plasma cannon. There was a huge explosion.

Sams mind flashed as he felt himself slam into a parked car. He swore loudly and bit his lip as blood trickled from his grazed arm. “I will enjoy killing you boy so let’s make this as painful as possible shall we” Megatron said as he reached towards Sam. “Noooooo” Jolt screamed as he jumped forward hitting Megatron with a blast of concentrated electricity. Megatron buzzed with light as he flicked Jolt away.

“Or should we make this quick” Megatron said as he aimed his plasma cannon. A blast of rocket fire hit him temporarily deactivating his wormhole generator. “Who dares disrupt my victory?” Megatron shouted as he looked up. “Your are weak Megatron the Decepticons should follow me” Starscream said as he hovered above. “You will die for this treachery Starscream” Megatron said as his jets powered up and he lifted into the sky.

Sam picked himself up and ran forward. Behind him a car spun flipping in the air. Exploding mid air showers of metallic spikes flew all around slamming like bullets into anything they hit. Sam dodged a Black Peugeot which spun past him slamming into the side of an oncoming tanker. The two vehicles exploded in a fireball and slid towards Sam.

Laserbeak swooped down. Mikela swung at the Decepticon bird hitting it in the wing. It spun in the air but continued to attack. Wheelie jumped up and grabbed hold of Laserbeaks claws pulling himself up and onto the birds back. “No one hurts warrior goddess” he shouted hitting Laserbeak in the face with the toothbrush. He pushed it into the bird’s eye. It sparked slightly as Laserbeak swung round. The eye exploded outwards.

Wheelie was thrown back grabbing onto the Decepticons metallic tail. He pulled hard on it tearing it off. Laserbeak screeched viciously as he collided into the Skyscraper.

Sam kept running onwards as the fireball continued after him. He pushed his way through the double doors and past the empty counter. He managed to start climbing the stairs before the two vehicles hit through the double doors reaching the counter before they exploded again into a huge fireball. He was trapped. His vision was coming true.

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