Sunday, 5 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 10

The beginning of the end. Optimus Prime fights Megatron once again, in Scene 10 of my Adaption.

Scene 10
Optimus rose higher and higher as the cloudline burst. Shimmers of water glistened in the air as he shot upwards. He body glowed red hot as he went into Orbit and shot out flying through space.

Nemesis, Mars. “Shockwave report” Megatron growled. “The energy from the Machine is still not enough to revive the army. We need something more” Shockwave replied. “Prime`s Spark. How do we get it?” Megatron stopped as Prime exploded through the side of the Nemesis. He crashed into several Protoform pods sending them falling to the ground. “Prime!” Megatron exclaimed. “Your rule of Tyranny has gone on long enough Megatron” Optimus said as he hovered above the ground.

“I disagree Optimus Prime. I defeated you once and I can do it again. Besides I’ve had a few upgrades since last we met” Megatron smiled as Soundwave gave him the box. “Now Prime it is time to die!” Megatron said as he rushed forward. “The end shall be yours Megatron!” Prime said as he ran forward. Just as they were about to collide Megatron activated the box. Megatron disappeared. Prime stopped.

“I expected sterner stuff. Are you trying to disappoint?” Optimus said. Megatron re-materialised behind Prime and lashed out with a sharp kick. “On the contrary. This fight will be very entertaining” Megatron said as his voice echoed round the Nemesis. Prime unleashed his Swords. Megatron unleashed a fury of sharp attacks with hands and feet. Prime sliced round hitting Megatron in the chest. Megatron gasped out and teleported behind Prime and fired.

Prime ducked and grabbed Wheeljacks Machine off the side. Wires and machinery fell with it. Shockwave fired from a corner narrowly missing Prime as Megatron forced him to the ground. Megatron reached out and grabbed Shockwave by the neck. “Does it look like I need your help?” He asked. Megatron threw him into the corner and picked up Prime. “You didn’t really think you could beat me on your own?” Megatron said as he lifted Prime up.

“Your death will mark the beginning of your pathetic Autobots end, I shall rid this Universe of the wretched Autobot menace with you first Prime!” Megatron smiled. “No” Optimus shouted as he clasped his hands on the machine and rose upwards. The machine slammed into Megatron but Megatron took the blow. He rose quickly and countered with a slice from his sword. Prime lifted the device.

The sword struck slicing into the outer skin of the life giving device. It exploded a blue spray of life erupted from it. Sparkling as it flashed out around the two leaders. Then it was gone it faded away into non-existence. The machine was also gone and Prime found his two swords blocking Megatron`s blow. A flame of anger erupted in Megatrons eyes as he lifted his sword hand to try and deal a killing blow.

Prime grabbed him by the wrist and lifted him upwards spinning round and throwing him into more Protoforms which collapsed and fell to the ground. Megatron transformed moving from his robot form and collapsing down to form his tank mode. He fired then changed into Jet mode and shot forwards slamming into Optimus sending both spiralling upwards crashing through the Nemesis`s metallic shell and out into the vastness of space.

They shot upwards breaking through the ozone layer. Shimmering flames clung to them as they spiralled round. Megatron transformed and sliced round with a clawed hand. Optimus caught the blow and twisted sending Megatron spiralling. Optimus shot backwards firing as Megatron sped up to him giving a blow that sent Optimus hurtling through the air.

Optimus turned and managed to steady himself. He aimed and fired. Megatron dodged in a spur of quick decisive movements. “Let’s make this interesting” Megatron smiled as he grabbed Optimus throat. There was a small flash of light as Megatron dissipated taking Optimus with him.

They re-materialised above the Earth. “This should be a fitting end for you Prime. Dyeing near a planet you enjoy so much” Megatron snarled as his clawed hand contracted around Primes neck. “Surrender Prime. Let the darkness consume you” Megatrons hand closed tighter as Prime squirmed in pain. “Never” Prime breathed. “Then die!” Megatron gleamed.

Megatrons thrusters shot into action. White hot flames spurted out from behind him as he pushed Prime forward as they jetted towards the Moon. They broke through the atmosphere. Prime took momentary lapse in Megatrons concentration and spun round behind Megatron tearing off one of his jets. He swung it round and smashed it into Megatrons chest sending the Decepticon leader crashing to the crater covered ground below.

“You lose Megatron” Prime relaxed allowing himself to glide effortlessly down. “It`s not over yet” Megatron said pulling himself from the swirling dust. “Decepticons attack” He yelled. Almost immediately Prime felt himself thrown round as Astrotrain clasped him in a vice like grip. Prime spun round and sliced out with his sword.

Astrotrain parried the blow and returned the force with a quick flurry of punches. Optimus felt himself weaken as Astrotrain attacked again with a sharp kick sending pieces of metal flying from Optimus`s chest. Prime powered up his jets and shot forward slicing through Astrotrains thick boosters. The blade cut through several wires and Astrotrain winced at the sight of his own Energon leaking from him.

Optimus Primes relief was short lived. This short battle was only the start of things as he now saw the other Decepticons waiting for their moment to fight, Shockwave and Soundwave. Megatrons loyal henchmen and to make matters worse there leader would soon have enough strength to rejoin the fight. Prime shot forward only to be grabbed by a recovering Astrotrain. “Where do you think you are going?” He asked menacingly.

Prime sliced round with his sword. It sliced cutting through the robots armour leaving a thick gouge which glowed bright red. Astrotrain sped backwards as Shockwave and Soundwave let loose with a barrage of missile fire. Prime dodged but winced as several rockets slammed into him. As the smoke cleared he managed to react just in time before another round of rockets.

He sped off only to be punched once again by Astrotrain. Another trail of rockets shot past. He tried to dodge. Megatron re-materialised beside him. Fully recovered from his previous defeat and already ready to continue. He sliced round. Prime tried to block but the blow sliced into his right jet. It fizzled and went dead then broke off from Prime and began to float back.

Prime felt himself spinning slightly by the force of the remaining jet. Megatron grabbed the now severed jet and flung it forward. The forces was magnified by the lack of gravity. It smashed into Prime and exploded. A small fireball then nothing. Prime felt himself stop as he lost power. Megatron smiled as the Earth’s gravity began to affect Prime. Prime felt himself grow heavier as he fell further.

Red hot flame seared round him for a second but he didn’t notice. He could feel the wind rushing past him. He always had liked this planet. The ground below him grew ever larger. Larger and larger, closer and closer. Then his vision faded and turned black.

Megatron turned to Astrotrain. “Return to the Nemesis, bring Devastator” He turned to the rest of his minions. “Now we get his Spark and crush the remaining Autobots”

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