Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 1

Continuing my re-upload of scenes of my Adaption. Here is scene 1. Parts have been edited out for language. (I know the Nemesis in the film is on or around Saturn, however this was based partly off a report on TF:ROTF and isnt exact)

Mars, inside the Nemisis. Megatron looked at the endless rows of Sarcophagi. Cold dead eyes stared back at him. “Arise” he commanded. The Sarcophagi stirring as they moved in there pod like tombs. The protoforms looked up to Megatron as he stood looking down upon his new army. Megatron smiled but in his heart he knew he needed more to awake them. These were just shells. An echo of their former glory. He needed a spark. Not just any Spark though. Optimus Primes Spark!

Scene 1:
Cybertron, Home of the Transformers. Megatron had given Starscream one order before he had left to gather his reinforcements “Alert my armies on Cybertron” This was what Starscream was doing just not in the way Megatron expected. Many on Cybertron hated Megatron believing him to be weak after failing to claim the Allspark for the Deception army and after news of the recent failure even with the help of The Fallen they wanted a new more powerful leader. This is what Starscream was preaching to them now as they gathered in the Deception city of Trypticon.

The crowd was amongst with rumours. “My fellow Deceptions” Starscream said in Cybertonian his voice echoing around the city through hidden transmitters. The sound was met with a roar of power and strength. “Our leader Megatron has appointed me leader of the Deceptions” The crowd fell silent then seconds later they responded with cheers and more roars. Starscream smiled to himself, with this army he could finally defeat those pathetic Autobots and crush Megatron at the same time.

Staring out at the vast expanse of Decepticons milling around beneath him Shockwave gazed at this new leader. Shockwave was Megatrons most loyal lieutenant and the real second in command. Megatron always suspected Starscream was plotting against him and gave all his secrets and commands to his true next in line. Shockwave transformed and slipped away into the darkness of Cybertron. He had reinforcements to recruit.

However Shockwave wasn’t the only spy robot watching the scene. The telescopic lens of his optics flared slightly as Counterpunch moved his head. He was lying flat partly covered by the remains of a fallen Autobot who`s charred remains had been left to rust on the battleground.
Punch was an Autobot spy, the best in their armies.

It had been Punch who had first learned of Megatrons plot to use the machines on Earth as weapons and signalled Prime immediately. Prime never mentioned him to anyone not even his closest allies. He preferred to keep him where he could do best protecting the last of the Autobot resistance on Cybertron while gathering info from the Decepticons at Trypticon. He was also a very clever spy as he could disguise himself as a Decepticon who was called Counterpunch and used this persona to learn and spy on the Decepticons.

“We shall rise up and destroy the Autobot scum and then we shall turn against our old weak leader, Megatron” Starscream`s voice ricocheted around the city. Counterpunch looked at them. He had always known that the Decepticons were treacherous however this was setting new bounds. The Decepticons immediately separated into two factions those loyal to Megatron and those who wanted to defect and join Starscream.

A huge fight ensued. On Starscream`s side three rolling Decepticons appeared and began to combine. There new Gestalt body grew in size as they joined together. Two huge jet-like robots also swooped down and locked into place on this humongous robot. The combiner dwarfed the others and crushed several of Megatron`s Faction. Counterpunch gasped this was Bruticus.

Bruticus was a skilled fighter his kills were legendary. Some say he had even managed to defeat Omega Supreme. Unfortunately nobody had seen Omega since the first battle of Cybertron.

Counterpunch looked at Bruticus as he spun round slicing through the supports to the buildings steel walls sending them collapsing to the ground. Megatron loyalist fled Transforming and disappearing they would have their revenge on Earth. Starscream burst out of the debris and grabbed a nearby Megatron soldier lifting him into the air as he rose above the startled Decepticons. He turned his head to his followers. “My fellow Decepticons now we head to Earth, first the Autobots then Megatron!” Starscream sliced the robot in two.

Counterpunch transformed and sped off. He must warn the Autobots.

Earth, Battleground of the Transformers. After the last battle with the Decepticon forces in Egypt Humans have finally accepted the Autobots as there protectors however not all of the Humans welcome these new saviours. Some of these evil groups have started rioting in the streets and protesting the robots. N.E.S.T. had been reformed after Galloway’s position was taken away for his idea to get rid of the Autobots.

N.E.S.T. had been forced to clear up after the final battle and the corpses of The Fallen and the other Decepticons were melted down and sold as scrap metal to pay for the costs of demolishing the Pyramid to remove all evidence of the Sun Harvester. The only remaining body of a Decepticon was Devastator. Moved securely to an old Sector Seven Base buried underneath the Earth. For safety it was guarded by three dozen armed personnel each armed with an EMP gun capable of stunning any Decepticon.

The outside of the base was covered in heat seeking sabre round missiles each with an EMP range capable of paralysing a Decepticon. Each wall was made of reinforced armour constructed from the same material as the Decepticons body. There was only one entrance in and out. Three double plated doors with optional bulk head reinforcements were positioned along a corridor. When the bulkheads closed not even a microbe could get in or out.

Leo has been hired to work with N.E.S.T. on conspiracies and strange disappearances along with Ron Witwicky and his reluctant wife Judy. Sam and Mikela are under the protection of the United States Army and occasionally Simmons when he is not looking after his mother.
Las Vegas, City of lights. The bus mounted the curb near the Las Vegas sign and crossed into oncoming traffic. Its passengers screamed as the Decepticon sent them flying. Ironhide followed, his vehicle form slick and manoeuvrable even in this drench of rain. “We can’t harm him with the Humans inside” Sideswipe said as he sped round next to Ironhide. “Leave that to me” Wheelie said. Wheelie sped up the road ignoring Ironhide`s shouts.

Wheelie jumped up and landed on the bus peeling out the windows as if they were made of paper. He sliced through and clambered inside despite the humans screams of terror. He quickly slid over to the back of the bus and climbed up the seatbelt. He jumped over to the back of the bus and quickly sliced it open. The back of the bus swung open then collapsed to the road trailing along behind the vehicle.

Wheelie turned to the passengers. “All off *******” Wheelie gestured to the back of the bus. The passengers looked worriedly at each other then walked over. Wheelie jumped off the seat and grabbed onto the roof clawing his way along. He climbed through the open roof window and tore his way along the roof. “So what can we do?” Ironhide said angrily honking his horn at a local motorist. “We`ll leave that to Ratchet” Sideswipe said uneasily watching as Wheelie struggled towards the cab of the vehicle.

The bus skidded round and Wheelie slid forward falling onto the metal bumper as his clinked on. He quickly fiddled with the screws and pulled open the front. A small spike shot out of the front catching Wheelie in the chest. He was flung round and slid to the corner. The busses right wheel inches from his foot. “Oh ****” he said as the wheel dragged him down crushing him between itself and the road.

The bus spun round a corner and head up W Russell Road. It dodged several cars and changed back into the correct lane. Ratchet shot out and blasted at the roof. The roof was torn straight off. Luckily nobody was injured. The bus skidded and flew off the bridge it had just being going across. Pedestrians screamed as the bus Transformed. Sideswipe, Ironhide and Ratchet jumped out at the pedestrians grabbing a handful and placing them safely on the bridge.

Ironhide jumped and landed in front of the Decepticon. “The time has come Autobots, soon the destroyer will arrive” The Decepticon snarled. Ironhide had no time to ponder the bots statement as it lashed out with its sharp clawed hands. He dodged the attack punching the robot in its ribcage shattering the glass windows it had been made from. The robot staggered back and turned to the bridge.

A Peterbilt 379 semi truck honked its horn at the Decepticon who growled angrily in response. The truck honked again and the Decepticon turned to see Optimus prime seconds before Optimus`s punch sent him flying through a local building titled “Mandalay Bay Convention Center” One of the walls collapsed and the ceiling caved inwards. Prime jumped through the wall next to a sign saying “Come party at our house!”

The building was in a state of decay which wasn’t helped by the two giant robots fighting inside. The bus robot swung round and stabbed Prime with one of his sharp metal spines. Prime grabbed one of the spines and tore it from its socket grabbing the Decepticon arm and impaling it on a nearby wall. Prime left the weakened Decepticon and walked slowly away. “Roadkill shall trample pathetic Autobot”

Optimus shot at Roadkill who wrenched out his arm from its impalement and dodged the attack slicing at another pillar causing sections of the roof to collapse. Roadkill spun round and smashed through the outer wall into a wide open section with palm trees in a circle round the edge. In the Centre an ornamental fountain sprouted steams of water up out of a fish`s mouth into the air. A shiny silver chain followed the path round the edge of the circle supported by small metal poles.
Roadkill spun round. Optimus flew in the air smashing into the fountain. The Ornamental fish, removed from his stand, lay floating in the shallow water trough. Immediately Roadkill took advantage jumping and slicing downwards with a daggered hand. Prime rolled dodging the blow. Roadkill`s daggered hand imbedded itself in the ground.

He tore it out and jumped again. Prime noticed the metal chain and instinctively reached out to it and spun round. The chain hit its target and wrapped around Roadkill`s chest as he tried to run away from Prime as Prime pulled in the Decepticon as he stood in the middle of the circle. Roadkill transformed and for a second Prime was worried the chain would snap but it held firm. Roadkill raced round the circle the chain holding him tight.

He sped towards Prime. Prime was waiting for that moment. He sliced down with his sword slicing into Roadkill`s tires. The Decepticon transformed and flipped in mid air crashing back into the building. Prime let go of the chain as it flew behind Roadkill. Prime followed the robot as it flew into the building. He entered the building. Roadkill`s chain chinked against the floor. His body was partly imbedded in the wall. Prime walked over and wrapped the Decepticons chain around the building.

Prime walked away. Roadkill lifted his head. “You can’t win Autobot, The Destroyer is coming” Prime Stopped. He had heard this before a Decepticon had warned him of an ancient enemy before, The Fallen. An ancient robot from Cybertronian legends who was actually one of the original thirteen Primes who then betrayed his brothers. “Who is this Destroyer” Prime turned forcing his sword round so that it was inches from the Decepticons face.

The Decepticon laughed. It was a grizzly rough sound. Prime sliced off the Decepticons left arm. Roadkill growled. “Roadkill has nothing to say to puny Autobot, Soon the Destroyer will eliminate you all” Roadkill clawed at Prime. Prime walked away. The Decepticon raised his other arm with its cannon. A single shot. The Decepticon was turned to scrap. Optimus looked over to his saviour. “It’s nice to meet you old friend”


  1. i wish you wouldnt stop making them but i like them. :)

  2. Might end up making them again, was just a bit annoyed when i lost the chapters i was working on