Friday, 3 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Preview (Darkness

The following preview and upcoming scene`s are a re-upload of my Transformers 3 Adaption which was very popular until my last account was deleted. Please enjoy.

(Transformers 3 Preview) Darkness:

Sam looked out of the blacked out windows. He had been driven two hours through the dark rain. His life had been interrupted by the Transformers twice before and he was already drawn in too deep. Shortly after the events in Egypt the world became known of Transformers. All hell broke loose. The car industries failed and holidays on Aircrafts and ships were all left. No one wanted to be near anything that could be a Transformer. Luckily the truth that Transformers could hide themselves as Humans hadn’t got out.

Leo`s and his hackers had made short work of that. Any Transformers reports on the net were instantly removed and hidden with film and other non real advertising. Over the course of a few months they gradually became accepted with the international population however there were still extremists who wanted the Transformers off earth all together.

They arrived quickly at the N.E.S.T. mobile research base. It was a normal articulated lorry. The side was adorned with nothing more than a simply advertising for a new drink named Boom. The slogan read “The pop that never stops”

The doors opened revealing a slick white interior. Computer screens lined one side while reports and papers lined the other. One of the pictures showed Devastator, tall and destructive, sucking up the sand from the last attack in Egypt. On a monitor the daily news reports on Transformers sightings showing a blurred image of a comet with the scrolling bar below saying that it was a sign of an incoming Invasion.

Sam rolled his eyes as the reporter proceeded to show a blurry image of a car and claimed it to be a Transformer. There were seven N.E.S.T. members inside. Three on each side monitoring the consoles and shifting through reports one in the corner chatting to someone wearing a dark biker’s jacket.

They quickly got inside and the driver revealed himself. It was Robert Epps. He quickly signalled and Lennox walked through towards Sam. Mikela was behind him. Sam smiled he had not seen her recently. She rushed over the two embraced quickly. Mikela turned "So what did you want us for anyway” Lennox thought for a second then answered “We are placing you under N.E.S.T. protection” Sam looked puzzled. Lennox continued “We are putting you into hiding after the last attack we are choosing to relocate you” Mikela immediately turned sour. “We were in Collage, What about my store?”

Sam quickly thought about everything he and her had left as his hopes for a normal life were obliterated in one sentence. “You will begin a new life, new names, new identities and new house. Nothing can be the same” Sam felt his heart stop. Sure he had not really experienced much of collage life and his last experience had involved a seductive evil robot from outer space but still he would have liked to have a normal life.

Sam nodded solemnly. He had no choice. “What about the Autobots” He asked “Will we be allowed to keep in touch with them?” Sam looked at Lennox. “The Autobots are being put into hiding. We can’t allow them any contact with the outside world. At least not until everything’s calmed down” Lennox said meaningfully.

“What about Megatron he`s still out there, and the other Decepticons?” Sam asked. Lennox looked down sadly. “Those are not our priority at the moment. The Autobots will be working with N.E.S.T to help remove any Decepticon threats but at the moment there is nothing we can do” Sam turned away hiding a small tear. “Do I even get to tell them?” He turned back. Lennox mournfully looked away. “Optimus Prime and the Autobots have already been moved to a secure location there is only one left”

The lorry pulled up. The back door folded out and clanged against the floor. Sam emerged. Mikela followed her Black jacket swayed in the breeze. The Camaro behind them swung round and spun transforming swiftly into the Autobot Bumblebee. “Wow” Sam said. Even after seeing it before it was still mind boggling. “I`m not going to be able to talk to you anymore” Sam said sadly. Another tear rolled down his cheek.

Bumblebee looked down sadly and started to cry slightly. A gear spun and the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” suddenly sprang into life. Sam smiled. “I`ll miss you” Sam said. Bumblebee lowered his hand and Sam trod on. The hand rose bringing him to Bumblebee`s face. The song stopped. “I will always remember you, Sam” Bumblebee lowered Sam who slowly slid off to a comforting Mikela.

“You will receive details soon” Lennox said as he and his men boarded the N.E.S.T. base and rolled off into the Darkness of the night as Bumblebee transformed and followed close behind.

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