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Transformers 3 Adaption Index

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Preview (Darkness)
Sam discovers that after two alien attacks he has no chance at a normal life; as he is forced to leave his friends.

Scene 1:
As Starscream betrays Megatron, Megatron himself begins awakening his army on The Nemesis. Meanwhile Optimus Prime and the Autobots recieve a mysterious clue. Something is coming and it isnt good.

Scene 2:
As Starscream`s troops attack the surviving Autobot`s on Cybertron, they make their own plans as they attempt to escape to Earth.

Scene 3:
As Shockwave joins the Decepticon`s bringing with him a valuable item with teleporting technology. Meanwhile Sam`s life with Mikela is going fine until he falls asleep that is.

Scene 4:
A spaceshuttle is attacked while a Decepticon recovery mission takes place.

Scene 5:
Astrotrains delivers a message to Starscream, who then chooses to attack the newly arrived Autobots.

Scene 6:
Ultra Magnus delivers a chilling message to the Autobots as some of Megatron`s troops arrive.

Scene 7:
Megatron has captured two of the Autobots and is now forcing them to help him resurect Devastator. Meanwhile Bumblebee and Jolt go to find a Seeker who might be able to help the Autobots.

Scene 8:
As the protoform army awakens and the Decepticons celebrate. Meanwhile the Autobots find Dinoraw, a very old and wise Seeker.

Scene 9:
As Optimus Prime learns of Sam`s vissions and dreams, Bumblebee and Jolt learn more about the history of the Autobots. Meanwhile all the Decepticons plans are drawing together as an
even bigger menace begins to make move`s so tiny, that noone will know what is coming next.

Scene 10:
With Devastator resurected and the Decepticons preparing to attack, Optimus receives news of their location and goes off to fight. However the Decepticons have been waiting for this, their is only one thing they need to awaken the Protoform army, Optimus Prime`s spark!

Scene 11:
Everything has gone wrong. Optimus Prime has been defeated, Ultra Magnus is planning to leave Earth, A Decepticon army is ready to destroy Earth, and an old Decepticon police car returns; ready to reveal his true motive`s.

Scene 12:
Megatron is repaired and awakens The Fallen`s Army. Meanwhile Barricade is chased by Prowl, Prowl discovers that not all the humans want the Autobots on Earth as he runs into an Human-Earth activist group. As the Autobots prepair to leave Earth; Sam has another vission and he along with Mikela and an old acquaintance head to New York, however as Sam`s vission begins to come true a evil menace older than anything encountered before is now awake, hungry, and heading towards Earth.

Scene 13:
As Megatron brings Devastator to Earth, Starscream brings his gesault; Bruticus. As New York becomes the battleground all hope is lost as the Autobots are faced with a battle that cant be won as all sides suffer losses the biggest loss is yet to come. As Mikela fights for her life against the weakened Decepticon; Barricade, and her lover; Sam is trapped in a Skyscraper about to be destroyed.

Future Scene`s:
Currently Scene 13 is my final scene however the Adaption will be continued and will probably have concluded before the real films release.

Scene 14: Predicted release date: October 2010
Plot hint, As the battle ends and the survivors are forced to deal with the consequences, a new battle is ready to dawn as the players make there final moves all ready for the final and ultimate battle to determine the fate of the universe.

This Transformers 3 Adaption was written and made for enjoyment only. All the above is my own writings based off the popular Transformers series. I am not using this to make any profit or claiming any of the Transformers charecters as my own. Hasbro owns Transformers, not me ;)

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