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Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 9

Scene 9 of my Adaption.

Scene 9:
It was midday. The sun had rose high in the sky. The tree`s blew silently in the summer breeze as Sam stood waiting, resting against the bark of a thick tree. The silence of the evening was broken as a Peterbilt 379 semi truck rolled into view and transformed. Even after all the times Sam had seen the Transformation of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime it was still a shock to him to see just how much these semi-organic beings could actually do.

The rear wheels lifted up and spun round as they locked into place. Prime rose up. “You wished to see me?” he asked. Sam nodded “I`ve been having visions” Optimus looked concerned. “Visions of what?” He asked. “Well the same vision to be precise. Some planet is getting destroyed and the destroyer is something large” Optimus looked worriedly at Sam. Could this be what the strange Decepticon had warned? He removed the thought from his mind. “How does the vision end?” He asked.

“I die” Sam replied slowly. Optimus looked gravely at him. “These are just dreams Sam they cannot effect what is in the future” He said. “I know that, but what if they foresee it?” Sam asked “What if this is a sign of things that will happen?” Optimus walked over and leant against the tree. A flourish of activity followed as leaves fell and birds flew away. “In the visions did you see your death?” Optimus asked.

“Yes” Sam replied coldly. Optimus turned away “Did you see your death? Did you see yourself dead?” He paused. Sam looked back and thought. “No” he replied. Optimus seemed to lighten. “If this was a vision of your death you would have seen yourself dead. This proves it cannot be a vision” Optimus smiled slightly. “What about the planet and the horns though?” Sam asked. Optimus immediately turned uneasy and stumbled collapsing back against the tree which groaned under the pressure.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked. Optimus lifted himself off the tree. “Nothing” was his only reply. “I have to go” He said. “That doesn’t sound very macho” Sam replied. “You try thinking of cool lines all the time” Optimus smiled as he transformed. “Wheeljack to Prime. Wheeljack to Prime!” Optimus speakers burst into life. “Come in Wheeljack” Prime said as he transformed back into robot mode.

“Wheeljack?” Sam asked sarcastically. Prime shrugged. “Prime we have a situation here. Megatron has resurrected Devastator and has a huge army ready to be awakened. You got to stop them Prime” Counterpunch said. “Where are they?” Prime asked worriedly as he spoke into a small monitor on his hand. “There on Mars!” Wheeljack replied. “A huge army of Decepticons and my machine” Wheeljack continued.

“Mars?” Sam exclaimed. “I will be there shortly” Optimus replied. He pressed a pad on his arm. “Leo I need a boost” He said. “Leo?” Sam said “Are me and Mikela the only ones who have no part in the Autobots lives?” He thought. “N.E.S.T. is already on it Prime” Leo replied as he swivelled round and tracked a jet as it deposited its package above their location.

Sam watched as it shot down from the sky. Strings untangled and parachutes shot out. It took four of them to unfurl before the package slowed down. The package jolted upwards as it came into landing and thudded against the ground a few meters away from Sam. Sam watched as the package burst open revealing Wheelie and a large mesh of metal which resembled a backpack.

“Back from the dead and still awesome” Wheelie smiled as he slid round on his wheels. He tripped on the gravel and fell forward. “Back from the dead. Am I the only one who hasn’t been informed?” Sam said.

He lifted himself up. “One package for a mister Optimus Prime” he said. Prime walked over and lifted out the large metal backpack. He placed it onto his back and it unfurled. Only then did Sam recognise the package as Jetfires remains. “You can’t be serious?” Sam said as he looked at the remains of Jetfires body. “You want to wear a dead guy’s armour to defeat an army of Decepticons” He asked as Wheelie finished attaching the final remaining pieces of the armour to Primes body. Prime nodded slowly. “So how do you feel?” Sam asked. “In a word, Prime” Optimus smiled back at Sam as his thrusters burnt into life. “Just like old times”. Sam said. Prime nodded as he rose higher. “Be careful” Sam continued. Prime nodded solemnly and shot off into the sky.

Dinoraw stumbled backwards. “The Allspark!” he replied. “Yes. That’s what we just asked you about. Also the Matrix” Jolt said. Dinoraw nodded. “Okay our story begins” Jolt cut him off. “We don’t need another of those long stories about everything” He said. “This is an important part of history. Only I know so you might as well shut it and let me finish” Dinoraw shouted. “Cool down old guy” Jolt said. Bumblebee angrily stared at Jolt. “Please continue” Bumblebee said.

“As I was saying before, our story begins in a time of great unease. The creator of the Universe had decided to govern the universe by creating two deities, one good the other Evil” Dinoraw paused. “Are you going to tell us all that god rubbish? Everyone knows that they are legends. I mean the names of these two gods are so powerful alone it is said to be able to awaken them from their slumbers and cause the end of time itself!” Jolt said.

“I suppose you could be right. If so I suppose now is the best time to say it” Dinoraw rolled his eyes. “The god chosen to govern over the good qualities in the universe was Primus a being able to manipulate and control the very corners of the universe through kind actions. The dark god was known as Unicron. A dark and evil creature made from the original creators own dark side. He was originally the guardian of the entire universe until his position was removed” Dinoraw paused again for a breath then suddenly realised he didn’t need to breath and went back to the story.

“The gods needed a form of energy to allow them to survive and to keep them in balance. Thus the original creator made Energon, which gave life to everything in the universe. That was the beginning of Cybertron” Dinoraw stopped again. “Any questions” He asked. Jolt laughed. “That was pointless. What about the Matrix and the Allspark?”

“Oh, ok. With the creation of Cybertron, Energon became rarer. Primus created the Matrix an object of Power used to control the life force of every Transformer and to govern respect among them. Primus created the Allspark and then made the thirteen original transformers. Unicron however lusted for more power and began convincing one of the Primes to steal the Matrix. This Prime would forever be known as The Fallen. Unicron found the Allspark and stole it adapting it in order to find Suns in which more Energon could be drained. However Unicron became greedy and wanted more power”

“Unicron began devouring planets and a huge battle ensued between him and Primus. Primus managed to trap Unicron in an alternate dimension however it was at a cost. Primus was stripped of his body and forced into a celestial form of light. His powers removed he now drifts the cosmos unable to govern the life he created. Unicron waits in slumber for his time to return” Dinoraw stopped and looked down sadly

“Devouring planets?” Jolt asked “He must have been huge” He said imagining the height of the colossal Unicron. Dinoraw nodded. “So this thing must be of little importance then” The Decepticon protoform said from above. “I guess that means its mine” He jumped down aiming for Bumblebee but missed slamming into a pile of box`s. “Give me the Allspark piece” He screamed.

Bumblebee turned and fired catching the Protoform in the arm. “You know that hurts” The Protoform cackled “Maybe I should show you just how much” He said. “It can be a lot more painful than that Decepticon” Dinoraw said as he reached behind him and pulled out a large axe. He swung it round and it sliced the Protoforms arm in two.

The Protoform leapt forward and grabbed the Allspark fragment from Bumblebees hands. “Mine now” The Protoform smiled as it ran. It burst out the back of the warehouse revealing a large expanse of military equipment. “Where`s he going?” Jolt asked. Bumblebee responded simply with “I don’t care” as they chased after the Decepticon. They Bumblebee transformed and sped forward hitting a box and sending himself flying through a warehouse window.

“Always the show off” Jolt said as he went through the open warehouse door. Dinoraw followed slowly behind him. Bumblebee landed and skidded round as he transformed. His wheel shot out slicing a deep gash into the concrete. “Come out” Bumblebee said as he jumped over another pile of box`s and looked out over the tank graveyard.

Counterpunch grabbed the edge of the cliff and began to climb. “When you said we were going down I thought you were going to land us softly” Wheeljack moaned as he clawed his way up the side of the rock wall. “The landing I could cope with but the water” Wheeljack shook his head. A cascade of water came out followed by a multicoloured trout.

“I don’t think I had enough time to plot a correct landing with you shouting all the time” Counterpunch said as he rose up another segment of the cliff. “We have to get back to Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots” Counterpunch turned his head. “Don’t you mean Ultra Magnus, he is the one calling the shots now” Wheeljack nodded grimly and slowed slightly.

Trypticon, Remains of Decepticon city. “Our leader has managed to find the location of our enemies. They are weakened and we are strong. If we strike now we can take out the Autobots and finish that failure Megatron once and for all” Skywarp said to the remaining troops not preparing for the battle. There were only about fifty of them there not including Skywarp but he still felt they could win. “Decepticons to Earth!”

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