Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Michael Bay in Lawsuit

Michael Bay, the director of super-hit action movies like Transformers and it sequels, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor has been sued by a couple of men for pistol whipping. Joshua Stewart and Paul Klimczak claimed that they got into a scuffle with one of Bay’s bodyguards, who pistol whipped them, back in 2008.

Bay himself chose to respond to this:
"It's 100% frivolous," Bay tells us from the set of "Transformers 3" in Chicago. "We're all pretty perplexed by it. But we're not going to be perplexed when I go after these moneyhounds for malicious prosecution."

I for one am supporting Bay, it sounds like these two people just decided it would be easy to scam him now after his recently released films (Which have made him very rich indeed) otherwise they would have reported the incident sooner.

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