Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hardcore Eddie interview

We have a chance to look at the details about an upcoming Human Character played by Lester Speight (Hardcore Eddie) from the 3rd Transformers Movie thanks to an exclusive interview:

"I am not sure if you know but “Transformers 3″ has just eclipsed “Titanic” as the largest budgeted film ever. $400 million and still going north! We are totally taking over downtown Chicago. The city is buzzing and it is crazy around here. I play Hardcore Eddie. Tyrese’s character Robert Epps calls me in. I was in a war with his father. I always told his dad I would look out for him and watch his back. I am doing all the heavy shooting, rocket launchers and kicking ass. Hardcore Eddie is old school soldier who has seen it all and done it all. I am just kicking ass and blowing up shit. Michael (Bay) just created such a great character."

As most fans know, Hardcore Eddie is rumored to kill a Certain Decepticon in Transformers 3.


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