Sunday, 5 September 2010

Transformers 3 Adaption Scene 11

Déjà vu all over again in Scene 11 of my Adaption.

Scene 11
The sky was growing darker every second as Bumblebee searched through the rusty and broken tanks and planes that littered this vast expanse. His mind was racing. Who is this mysterious Protoform and why is he so intent on getting his hands on the Allspark fragment. He spotted something small running between the cars. “Could it be the Decepticon?” Bumblebee dismissed the idea. It was too small to be the Decepticon.

Jolts blue eyes glowed low in the sunset. Behind him Dinoraw was examining a car door and recoiled as it fell making a large clang which vibrated round the area. Jolt turned with a scowl. Dinoraw looked back with a look saying it won’t happen again. There was a loud clang in front of them. Jolt looked back to the direction of Bumblebee then transformed speeding through the ails of cars.

Bumblebee made his way through the cars and stepped out. He gasped at the sight. It was a mass graveyard of disused tanks and military jets. His eyes scanned the surrounding. This was like impossible he could be anywhere or anything. Behind him something moved in the shadows.
The Decepticon jumped onto the roof of a nearby car. Its roof buckled under his weight but didn’t let off any sound that would attract attention. He smiled slightly and ran forward. He accidently kicked a screwdriver lying on the bonnet of a nearby Ford Fiesta. The screwdriver flicked round and collapsed to the ground. Bumblebee turned and fired as the Decepticon jumped over another car and landed down behind a tank.

Bumblebee advanced slowly his weapon aimed at everything and anything in the vicinity of the tank. A blue light shone brightly from the weapons guidance system. Behind the tank the Decepticon protoform looked at the tiny piece of Allspark in his hand then without another thought opened a small compartment in his chest and placed the piece inside. He smiled again.
The Decepticons eyes turned blue as they began to scan the tank. Inside his vision small lines measured each of the different sections of the tank. His body slowly began to change. “No you don’t Decepticon” Jolt said as he sped forward. The Decepticon turned slightly his body still shifting to his new alt mode.

Bumblebee also looked up as Jolt hit the bonnet of a car and shot upwards his car mode suspended in the air for a second as he transformed. Bumblebee realised what he was going to do even as Jolt aimed his weapon. “NO!” Bumblebee yelled. Jolts hand shifted into a small pulse launcher and fired. Only seconds later did Jolt notice two things, number one he was in a place filled with cars and number two cars contain flammable liquids!

The blue light shot from the pulse gun as Jolt flipped landing on his feet on a nearby tanks roof. The shot hit dead on target straight in the Decepticons chest. He spun round as he fell his eyes still scanning the surroundings momentarily flashing over a MiG-25 jet. The pulse didn’t only hit the Decepticon though as the pulse slammed into the ground immediately setting alight the oil left from the cars. Jolt quickly moved over to Bumblebee.

“You can’t defeat me Autobots. I have the Allspark piece” The Decepticon smiled. “Guess again Decepticreep” Dinoraw said as he jumped onto the roof of a car and aimed with his axe. He fired. A single missile shot straight from the tip. It snaked through the air. The Decepticon smiled as it sailed over his head.

“You missed” it smiled. Dinoraw stood up and placed the axe on his back. “Did I?” The Decepticon turned slowly and spotted where the missile had hit. It was wedged in a gas canister. “Oh crap” The Decepticon said as the flames ignited the gas canister causing every car, tank and jet in the vicinity to instantly explode. Dinoraw jumped down from the car. Quickly rushing over to Bumblebee as the explosion behind him rippled the concrete sending a shockwave through which sent them falling to the ground.

Dinoraw stood and turned back to the inferno. “Looks like I may need to stay with you for a while” Behind him the fires continued slowly. Unbeknown to all the Autobots present at the time a flame leapt up if only for a second sending a jet screeching into the sky. High above them the Jet flew. Inside its monitors switched giving it a projected location. The pilot smiled and fuzzed as he faded away and the jet went soaring into the air.

Laserbeak swooped low over the city as the bus slowly moved through the jam packed streets. It was a typical week day. If Sam has thought even for a second that meeting Optimus Prime would suddenly rush him back into the Transformers universe again he was wrong. He has been left alone waiting near a tree for some extraterrestrial robot to return from Mars. The sun was setting and the bus was full.

Sam turned to his right and picked up a news paper from one of the chairs. There was a large article filling two page about the safety of Space travel including a section about the Space shuttle Atlantica explosion. No doubt the report had been paid off as there was no mention of the attack on the base N.E.S.T. has mentioned.

He flicked to the job pages. Even with a small salary from N.E.S.T. along with payments every month he was still very annoyed at the whole situation. He was stuck under protection acts and he couldn’t even care for himself. He noticed a small ad in one of the sections. He recognised the phone number. It was Mikela`s.

That was another mystery solved. He had known she had wanted to carry on her job working with her father but unfortunately N.E.S.T. protection meant. No going places that could attract attention. This was the only way she was doing any help. Talking to people was prohibited as well. This meant many things including the resulting lessoning of time spent between Mikela and Sam.

Sam sighed and pressed his head against the window. Above him Laserbeaks soared effortlessly. Hundreds of miles above him Megatron observed the freshly transmitted images with increasing interest. “First Prime” He smiled. “Then You!” Megatron glared at the image transmitted to his optics. Megatron turned to his minions. Soundwave smiled slightly.

Optimus didn’t feel the impact as his robotic body slammed into the ground. Clumps of dirt and grass shot up as his body tore through the soil as it slowed. He came to rest in a quiet village. Quiet that is until he arrived. There were screams coming from all around people pointing their eyes in a look of fear.

It took a few seconds for Optimus Prime to realise they were not directed at him. He couldn’t move. His body wasn’t responding. Maybe it was the fear of battle or the thoughts in his head telling him that there was no hope left. He was unable to fight and unable to move as Megatron appeared above him tearing a freshly made hole in space behind him glowing red. Behind him followed his minions Soundwave and Shockwave.

At least that was a break for Optimus. One less minion, one less fight. This sudden realisation that he wouldn’t have to face all of them together again gave him hope. He placed his hand onto the nearby building and slowly lifted himself higher. Hovering above him, Megatron smiled. “Bring me his spark” Almost immediately Soundwave and Shockwave attacked. They swooped low over the ground, slicing forward with blades.

Prime was ready. His jets burst into action sending him upwards as Shockwave drove forth with a sharp blade. Soundwave shot up after Prime slicing at him with his wrist blades. Optimus dodged. He was surprised at how well he could control the jetpack even with only the one jet. Megatron appeared behind him and shot forward with his claw sending the other Jetpack falling to the ground. Prime fell also.

Sam looked over to the other side of the bus. A crowd of people had gathered round someone with a mobile phone. It was getting a live transmission from somewhere in China. He stood up and began slowly making his way towards them. He hurried his moves when he heard them talking about robots. Sure enough when he reached them he saw the image. It was Optimus Prime. He was fighting Megatron.

Optimus landed hard creating a small crater in the already worsening state of the village. Villagers were screaming. Shockwave silenced several in a quick blow. Megatron slowly descended. Optimus could do nothing as Shockwave and Soundwave moved over to pin him to the ground. He couldn’t resist there power as he felt himself forced down. Megatron landed.
He walked forward and stopped on Optimus`s chest. He leant down.

“You have lost Optimus, Now give me your spark” His hand moved forward. Optimus flexed his fingers. “Give me your spark or will I be forced to pry it from your cold dead processors?” Megatron aimed his hand. It transformed. Stretching out to form a sharp spike which flexed and split into several thing fingers each with many different surgical equipment.

A saw whirred into life and began its way towards Optimus as Megatron moved in for the kill. Optimus struggled again. This time he managed to lift one arm. He swung the arm. It hit Shockwave in the chest. He drove the arm up unleashing his sword. With his now free right hand he drove upwards. Megatron didn’t react as the sword slammed through his chest piercing through his circuits.

Prime pulled the sword out and let Megatron fall. He fell slamming into the ground. “Soundwave...” was his last word before he became still. Soundwave released Optimus`s arm and attacked slicing with his blades. Prime blocked one blow but the other hit. It sliced into his arm cutting through vital cables and circuitry. Soundwave attacked again lifting Prime up only to slice his chest with a series of sharp attacks.

Prime`s glass windows smashed and fell. A windscreen wiper lay torn and bent on the ground. Soundwave pushed forward forcing Prime into a tree. “Your spark is mine” Soundwave said as he tore through Optimus`s now exposed delicate chest. He pulled out the spark still attached to several cables. It shone blue for a few seconds until Soundwave ended its life as the cables severed and it became dark.

At once Primes body stopped and became still. Soundwave nodded to a concerned Shockwave who was looking over Megatron. Shockwave moved an arm and seconds later all three of the Decepticons had disappeared back to the Nemesis.

Sam was distraught by the time he had reached his and Mikela`s home. The phone was ringing but he chose not to answer. He already knew who it would be and what they would be talking about. N.E.S.T. was always like that. It hadn’t been on the news however video`s of it were circling the internet. It seemed even N.E.S.T. couldn’t stop the internet.

He heard a car honk outside. Then there was a sound, metal scraping against metal. The house shook as Bumblebee pushed the door. It fell off its hinges and smashed to the ground. Sam fell backwards as the house shook again. Bumblebee transformed and honked his horn. Sam nodded solemnly and got in.

They arrived at the new Autobot HQ. It was less protected or hidden than the old one. From outside it was a simple storage warehouse and indeed at some point in its history it obviously had been. But now it had been stripped of all of its content. For this was only a shell.

Bumblebee drove through the entrance. A small laser system buzzed in response and the ground in front of him dropped at a slant. Sam watched as gears and other mechanical devices whirred into action before him. Bumblebee drove forward, down into the dark underbelly of the secret base. It was dark at first but got brighter as they neared the end.

They came into a large area filled with machinery each either scanning or building parts of the base. Sam got out and ducked as a robotic arm spun round above him and began welding a piece of metal to a frame. Bumblebee transformed and walked forwards signalling Sam to follow. He did so. They stopped at a scanner. It scanned Sam and Bumblebee at the same time.

They entered through a large concealed entrance shaped like a crystal formation in the rocks.
The atmosphere immediately changed. The Autobots were already in there, Jolt, Ironhide, Chromia, Sideswipe, Wheelie and others who he had never seen before. There was a strange old bot with something that looked like an axe attached to his back. Then another robot who looked like he was this Ultra Magnus character as he looked over the rest of the Autobots with an air of power coming from him.

There was a strange Autobot who kept watching the others as if they might attack him at any time. In the middle of this circle of Autobots was a metal table and resting on it was Optimus Prime. A strange robot stood next to him examining him with a look of sadness in his eyes. It was Perceptor. Next to him stood Wheeljack who was looking at a monitor which was hooked up to Optimus.

Sam quickly climbed some steps to gain a better view. Optimus was lying on his back. His robotic features relaxing as his vital signs became less and less. A small monitor bleeped slightly as a small dot lifted up and down in time with Optimus`s robotic heart.

Optimus lifted his head slightly. “You should rest” Perceptor said. “Is he going to be okay?” Sam asked. It was Wheeljack who responded “He`s suffered a lot of damage. He will need to be hooked up to this machine for quite a while. After that battle the only thing sustaining him was the Matrix and now . . .” He trailed off. “The Matrix?” Sam thought as he slowly said the words.
The Matrix was what Optimus Primes ancestors had used to activate Sun Harvesters. He shuddered at the thought of another Sun Harvester being activated. Luckily he had managed to resurrect Prime using the device and they were able to save the Earth. “Why are we discussing this with a Human?” Ultra Magnus asked pointing a metallic finger at Sam.

“Have you not been informed? This boy is important. We need to protect him” Ironhide said angrily stepping in between Sam and Ultra Magnus. “Enough. Prime needs to speak!” Perceptor said. Ultra Magnus glared at Ironhide then backed off turning back to Prime.

"I cannot serve as your commander during this state as such I pass on leadership of the Autobots to you, Ironh . . .” Prime said. “I am honoured Prime,” Ultra Magnus interrupted. “I am glad you chose to respect the orders of your superiors and give it to the Autobot with the highest statute,” he pointed to himself. Ironhide glared angrily at Ultra Magnus, but backed off as Prime waved him back.

“As my first command while Optimus Prime is in stasis, I hereby announce the retreat of all Autobots from Earth” Ultra Magnus paused. “You can’t do that. Earth will be left defenceless” Sam shouted out again. “How stupid are you humans. Your weapons have proven to be effective against the Decepticons and us many times before” He gestures to Bumblebee who uneasily moves back.

Outside the door Prowl moved back slightly. His eyes peering through the gap. He quickly exited the headquarters. Seconds later he found himself on the roof considering all he had heard. The moon was high in the sky casting his shadow in front him. He gazed out over the houses and alley. “This is a fragile world” he muttered.

North West Police Station, 10 minutes from Autobot HQ. It was constable Nick Coopers first day on service. A routine inspection was supposed to be his only problem today. Now he had been called away to deal with a suspected robbery a few miles away. He sighed to himself and got into his police car. As he did so the side of the car seemed to melt away revealing the logo it had long kept hidden while on Earth. “To Punish And Enslave!”

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