Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Transformers Ranks Part 1

Ever wanted to know the Ranks given to Transformers. Did you think Prime was the only one? Think again. (Check out the list below, in highest position to lowest)

Magnus: was the absolute leader of the Autobots and, at first, sole bearer of the Matrix of Leadership. Later, Autobots were appointed the rank of Supreme Commander without having the Matrix passed down to them.

Prime: The Autobot leader is normally refered to as "Prime" or a higher status. According to Optimus Prime "Prime`s are not made, their born"

Minor: The lowest of the top three of the Autobots ranking.

Lord High Protector: is a military title, and Megatron oversaw the armies of Cybertron

Prime: The civilian and spiritual leader of Cybertron

Emperor of Destruction: refers to the highest-ranking member of the Decepticon, Predacon or Vehicon military. The Emperor of Destruction is the Supreme Commander of the entire race, bowing to no higher authority.

Leader of the Decepticons: the Decepticon leader is the strongest and smartest of their ranks. Unlike the Autobots, whose leader is called a Prime, the Decepticon leader has no "official name".

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