Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Transformers 3 Toys

I had a look round and discovered that so far noone has placed all the robots in a good solid list. Below is my list of the toys and the robots (Some names havent been confirmed so vehicle modes have been named or name of their position added instead)

D = Deluxe 14.99
V = Voyager 24.99
L = Leader 59.99-69.99 (Optimus may be higher priced)
U = Ultimate 99.99

Shockwave (L)
Megatron (L,V)
Starscream (L,V)
Soundwave (V,D)
"Robot assasin 1" (D)
"Robot assasin 2" (D)
"Black Dodge Charger SRT-8" (D)

Optimus Prime (L,V)
Silverbolt (V)
Ratchet (V,D)
Ironhide (V,D)
Sideswipe (D)
Bumblebee (D,U)
"Chevrolet Spark 1" (D) Mudflap?
"Chevrolet Spark 2" (D) Skids?
Nascar 1 (D)
Nascar 2 (D)
Nascar 3 (D)
"Ferrari 458 Italia" (D)
"Old robot" (D)
"Purple Mercedes E550" (D)

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