Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Teaser Poster for Transformers 4 (Updated)

A new Teaser image for Transformers 4 has been released via the Michael Bay facebook page. You can check out the image above.

Update - the movie poster has been found to not be a real teaser poster and instead was simply Michael Bay using a fans image.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Transformers website updates for TF4

The Transformers website has started to update in anticipation of the new movie in June 2014. You can check out the website here

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Transformers Fall of Cybertron - No more DLC?

High Moon Studios, the creators behind the popular and successful Transformers Fall of Cybertron game stated in a Q&A Thursday that they are not planning any future downloadable content for Fall of Cybertron.

The statement is as quoted below:

Can you add more colors and characters?

Unfortunatly not. Each color, new character, or really anything that gets added puts demands on what the game can support technically. At this point with the largest roster of Tranformer characters ever and dozens of colors we have reached the limit. Sorry Sludge fans!

Will you be adding any DLC maps?

A number of our fans have expressed an interst in buying DLC maps, however we feel this will have a negative impact a player's ability to quickly find a full match. This is a major learning we made from War For Cybertron. The addition of paid DLC maps splits the player community between those with the maps and those without.

This is obviously a huge disappointment for those who have been playing the game on a regular basis and enjoying it, but have started reaching the end-game limits. Many fans have questioned if games such as the Halo franchise can release map packs for over a year after the game is released, and Left 4 Dead 2 can continue to release new campaigns and multiplayer maps years after the game was released, why can't High Moon Studios do the same with Transformers Fall of Cybertron?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Transformers 4; Female lead, Wahlberg confirmed, Dont trust Bay

In a rather logical chain of events based on Michael bay, Mark Wahlberg has been rumored, denied and now confirmed to star in Transformers 4 which has now released a new logo (Above)
Also, here is all the facts on the Mark Wahlberg casting

I have tried keeping a fair opinion on Michael Bay for a while however have realised he is simply playing with fans knowing that it annoys them while getting enjoyment from causing them emotional/mental pain.

Due to understanding Michaels level of enjoyment i shall not be confirming or denying anything he states and instead use other sources to logically examine if the content is honestly going to be included in the fourth film.

Other rumors released recently include the main character being female with a 'jock' style car racing boyfriend.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Transformers Prime; Beast Hunters? (Series 3/4 news)

You can find all up to date TF;Prime news here!
Transformers Prime voice actors Jeffrey Combs and Tony Todd at the El Paso Comic Con in Texas this weekend dropped a few bombshells regarding the future of the Transformers Prime series.
  • Season 3 will only last 16 episodes
  • Combs just finished recording the last episode to season 3
  • Jeffrey Combs confirmed that there will be a fourth season of Transformers Prime - the series will NOT end with season 3.
Current rumors suggest that the third or fourth series of Transformers Prime will include the title 'Beast Hunters' a name originally suggested for Beast Machines.

The working name for the line 'Beast Machines' was 'Beast Hunters' Marv Wolfman created the original treatment. A FoxKids press release said the following about it:
"BEAST HUNTERS, the next evolution of the popular Beast Wars franchise, continue their fight against the evil dragon Megatron and his hordes of Predacons in 13 all-new episodes with cutting edge computer animation, action, adventure and humor, produced by Mainframe Entertainment."Fox Kids Fall Press Release" from on February 10, 1999